Pappy and Grammy Visit~~Tuesday

So much for keeping up……Sigh…..

I’m trying though, I really am.  I wouldn’t even be blogging right now, but I’m home from Bible Study with a thrown back.  It’s been since Sunday, so it’s getting old.  I don’t like to be slowed down, if you’ve noticed.  And a thrown back (or whatever it is) really puts a cramp in my style.  But I’m asking the Lord to help me be content wherever He has me, even if it’s laid up on the couch.   However, I’m also asking for healing, because my kiddos need me for school.  Yes, they do great on their own here and there, but I need to be well, to homeschool.  Any homeschooling mother knows what I mean.

Anyway, speaking of homeschooling!……….when my mother in law was here a couple weeks ago, she was my assistant teacher!  😉  It was so wonderful.  She helped where she was needed and it made the day go so much faster and smoother!  Thanks so much, Mom!  You can come help anytime!!!!IMG_4030 IMG_4032 Judy had music class.  Kayla was with her for the day.IMG_4033 Lyvie making Henry laugh.  It was so cute.IMG_4035 After school, we went down to the Point.  It was a beautiful day.IMG_4036 IMG_4037 Pappy and the kiddos!  One of them is taller than him now!  Woah!IMG_4038 The girls wasted no time running out on the rocks!IMG_4041 IMG_4042 The kids are amazing on these rocks.  I would be all, “Woah, woah!”, but they just run from rock to rock no problem.IMG_4043 Grammy was cold!  It was quite windy.IMG_4044 Pappy was going to walk out on the rocks til he got over there and changed his mind.  Smart man.  😉IMG_4045 My sweet Gracie GirlIMG_4046 I lived kitty corner to this house for a year and a half and always wondered what their back yard looked like.  Well, here it is!  Ethan wanted me to come look so I couldn’t help but snap a pic to show Sam.IMG_4047 Oh the sky that day.  And the flag.  Love it.IMG_4052 We were looking at this contrail (not sure that is the right word, but that is what I was told it was) of an airplane in the sky and it just ended abruptly so we were trying to find the plane.  I still don’t understand why it just ended like that.IMG_4054 Love this boy!!!!IMG_4056 IMG_4059 Sunbathing??IMG_4060 Ethan’s rock treasures.IMG_4063 Tongue in cheek.  Always.  When he is concentrating.IMG_4066 It almost looked like snow in the sky.IMG_4067 IMG_4068 Will was cold!IMG_4069 The kids ran and ran, chasing each other with these little green burs.IMG_4071 Henry.  :)IMG_4073 The Aphrodites went by while we were down there.  It is usually parked in Watch Hill, but it was out and about today!IMG_4074 I thought I saw Joyce pull in and sure enough it was her!  So she came over to say hi.  I love this first one with Weston’s legs next to me behind the bench.  Haha.IMG_4075 But in this one you can see Henry’s face.IMG_4076 I could not believe the girls were getting in the water.  It was not freezing, but the air felt chilly because of the wind.IMG_4078 They made it to the rock!IMG_4080 The burs!IMG_4082 Kayla, Gracie, and LyvieIMG_4083What a fun day we had!

Pappy and Grammy Visit~~Monday

Monday, September 21, 2015

We like to be able to take time off when Pappy and Grammy come, but because we had just gotten started on school, we had to keep going.  I thought it would be nice for them to get a glimpse of what are days are sort of like.  We didn’t do all our school, but got the core classes done.  It definitely wasn’t the norm, but they at least saw a little.  And Grammy even helped out for which I was so thankful.  Here she is helping Weston with his reading.IMG_4009 Judy and the kids came everyday and here are the girls playing with legos once they finished school.IMG_4010 Lunch on the back porch!IMG_4012 IMG_4014 The tallest lego man ever.IMG_4015 Gracie and HenryIMG_4016 Monday afternoon, we took a little drive to Clyde’s.IMG_4017 IMG_4018 They weren’t pressing, but we still peeked inside.IMG_4019 Here we are on the porch enjoying their cider and cider donuts!IMG_4021 IMG_4022 That night we went over to Brandt and Judy’s for supper.  She had gotten Screaming Sicilian frozen pizza which came with these mustaches.  Everyone had fun with them…..;)IMG_4024 IMG_4026 IMG_4028It was such beautiful weather and we enjoyed a camp fire that night too.

Surprise Visitors! And the rest of our weekend.

{Last weekend~~Sept 19-20}

Grammy and Pappy were here one night, and then left for the weekend with Brandt and Judy.  But while they were gone, we had some surprise visitors!  Troy and Joyce popped in for a night.  We enjoyed some Lala Chicken and Hot Fudge Pudding Cake while we visited!  So fun!  And they even camped out in our camper.  😉IMG_3982 IMG_3983 Sunday morning……..Weston just loves Sam’s old BC glasses from the Navy.  If you are not familiar with what the “BC” means, just look at the glasses and take a wild guess.  😉IMG_3984 Weston loves to give Mimi a hug when he sees her.  I missed the hug, but had them stand together for a picture.  IMG_3985 I just lightened it up so you could see their faces better.IMG_3985 Sunday afternoon, Grammy and Pappy arrived back at our place and the girls asked if Grammy wanted to make Crazy Crayons.IMG_3986 The boys were making a car from a kit.IMG_3987 IMG_3988 Fun with Grammy!IMG_3989 Sam was luring the goats with a grapevine over to the grapevines…….IMG_3990 We desperately need to build an arbor and move our grapevines, but for now, we just let the goats keep them down.IMG_3991 The boys were having fun with their bow and arrows and Ethan’s blow gun.IMG_3993 It was such a beautiful evening.IMG_3994 Weston is getting thrown off Sylvie…….Ethan’s cracking up.IMG_3998 Katie was so good.  Weston sat on her for the longest time and she didn’t seem to mind at all.IMG_3999Sunday supper on the back porch…….Brandt and Judy and the kids came over for supper.  (For those of you who don’t know…Brandt is Sam’s brother)IMG_4003 IMG_4004Sam is playing the obey game with the kids.
IMG_4006 Brandt is trying to get the oreo in his mouth without using his hands.  The kids did this at camp this summer and wanted him to try it.  And he did it!IMG_4007 The Crazy Crayons just out of the oven…….IMG_4008It was a fun weekend.  Thankful for family and friends.

Our Week~~Sept. 14-18

Reading the blog lately might be confusing because sometimes I am posting up-to-date things and sometimes I am still trying to catch up from last spring and summer.  So, I apologize for that.  I try to mention the date in the beginning of the post itself, so check that and don’t go by the date the post is published.  Does that make sense?  

Anyway, this is our week in review~~~{September 14-18}

Monday morning was so nice and chilly, so I opened all the windows and doors and the kids were freezing!  Ethan and Lyvie had winter hats on while they did school.IMG_3925 IMG_3926 Monday evening we skyped with Boo and Bailey!  Bailey and Lyvie are blowing kisses.  :)IMG_3928 We won’t mention what Bailey is chewing on in this shot.  Haha!IMG_3929 Wednesday night dinner!  This is the only picture I managed to get.IMG_3931 This was Thursday morning.  The painters were almost finished.  The left half of the garage was painted and right half still only had primer.IMG_3934I love impatients.  They are so easy and they bloom all summer.
IMG_3936 The painters worked ALL day Thursday and here it is all finished!  We are pleased.IMG_3940 We were supposed to have lunch with Aunt Diane on Friday (well, I was also supposed to have lunch earlier in the week too!!) but neither worked out, so I asked if she could just pop over for a picture with the kids real quick.  I was so sad we didn’t get to spend more time with her.  :(IMG_3941 Friday afternoon, Grammy and Pappy arrived.  The girls and I had run to pick up their new glasses, but the boys were here to greet them.  It was so nice to just sit and have coffee for an hour once we got back.  Weston showed us some of his taekwondo kicks.IMG_3942 IMG_3945 Friday night while Sam and Lindsey had youth group, we babysat Ava!  Yay!  Lyvie was a huge help while I worked on supper.  My mother-in-law brought soup (so thankful for that), so I just had to make a salad and heat rolls and make dessert.  Easy peasy.IMG_3947Who is this child??
IMG_3949 Uncle Sam got home from work!IMG_3950 Lyvie’s feeding Ava her grapes.IMG_3953 Almost walking!IMG_3954 When Grammy and Pappy got back from a visit at Brandt’s, we had supper together.  Ethan and Grace were at youth group with Sam and Lindsey.IMG_3955 I love this girl!IMG_3960 I brought up two blocks for Ava to play with and Weston wanted to “juggle” with them.  Ava wanted to “play” with them.  I love this picture.IMG_3962 It’s so funny to think what things would be like if Weston wasn’t our youngest.  While we were having devotions this evening, I said to Lyvie and Weston, “what if you two were the oldest and Ava was our baby?!”  And Ava laughed outloud.  It was so funny.IMG_3964 Talking politics…..IMG_3965 IMG_3966 Awwww…….IMG_3967 If Weston laid on the floor, she would crawl over and climb over him.  IMG_3968 Piggy back ride….IMG_3971 Ava wanted me all night, but I gave her to Sam so I could go brush Weston’s teeth and she flipped a lid.  I started to take her back and Sam said no, wait til she settles down.  She finally did……IMG_3974 …..and I got to take her back.  Love these snuggles.IMG_3976 IMG_3977 Here’s Ava meeting Winchester.  I think she liked him.  😉IMG_3978 IMG_3979 We chatted about youth group while the kids ate a late supper.  Weston cracks me up.IMG_3980It’s been a crazy busy week, but a good one.  Sam’s parents are gone now again til Sunday, but Troy and Joyce arrive this afternoon to spend the night!  So it should be a fun weekend!  For now, today is a work day.  I’m headed down to make soap.  And Sam and the kids are over at a friend’s house replacing her floor.

Throwback Thursday!

Six years ago today!!!!

Miss Grace Elizabeth is showing me a dragonfly she caught……IMG_6661 Grace and Grandie were heading to Ocean City this particular morning!!  And ironically, my Mom and sisters and nieces are heading down there Saturday!  Sadly, we aren’t able to join them this time.  :(  So, yeah, let’s change the subject……..IMG_6662 Weston James!!  IMG_6663 My little peanut!IMG_6665

Jen and Weston’s Florist

Friday, May 15th, I continued to collect and bring some outdoor beauty indoors.  And Weston was my helper.  My Lily of the Valley smelled so good every time I walked past the garden that I just had to bring some in.

 And Mimi has always had the most amazing lilacs up at the farm.  She loved when we would come and cut some to put in vases.  She even helped me transplant some small lilacs to our property several years back, but mine have yet to bloom.  They are still quite small.  But she said these were the good old fashioned lilacs.  Now they keep creating different hybrids and they don’t smell quite as good as these.  So, I’m hoping mine bloom someday!

Anyway, here are all the pretties along with one cutie……… IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0358 IMG_0360 IMG_0363 IMG_0370 IMG_0372 IMG_0377

Wednesday Fellowship Dinner

Still catching up…….

Wednesday, May 13th, was my last Wed night fellowship dinner before my “summer break”.  I am so thankful for those who stepped up and filled in the gap, so I could get a little break.IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 I was so surprised when Steve walked in with Lorna!!  So happy to have him back for the summer.  He has been gone for about a year taking care of his mother.  Doesn’t Lorna look so happy??  I was so happy for her!!IMG_0340 Steve and Sam worked as a team and tackled the dishes after supper.  It’s a big job on these Wed nights!  :)IMG_0341I am thankful these dinners have been a blessing to so many, including us!


Now back to “catching up”…………..


Remember that stump that I had Weston stand by so you could see how big it was??  Well, here is the “removal” of it.  This was Tuesday, May 12th.  Darrell’s friend, Cliff, was kind enough to bring his dump truck over and take it away for us.  He originally was taking it to the dump, but it ended up on Darrell’s property, I think.  Sorry, Dunk!

Here are the guys figuring out how to get it to the truck.

From L-R in the pic:  Sam (over by the stump), Dave (red and white stripe shirt), Cliff (maroon shirt), Darrell in the excavator.  Dave is also our foundation guy.IMG_0316 Wrapping the chain around it.IMG_0320 Here goes!IMG_0322 IMG_0323 IMG_0325 Made it!IMG_0329 Meanwhile, the kids were all out by the goats killing boring bees with broom sticks!IMG_0331 I had only met Cliff a few weeks before this and there was something familiar about him that I could not put my finger on.  But after a few times of talking with him, I realized that he reminded me of my brother, Wes.  They have very similar mannerisms and they look alike too (maybe it’s the beard?).  I enjoy listening to him talk because he reminds me of Wes.  I miss my little brother!!IMG_0332 And away goes the excavator again!IMG_0335 This was part of dinner that night.  I love tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella with my homemade balsamic dressing!!  Plus it looks so pretty.IMG_0336And that is the story of THE STUMP!!