The Lake and Back to the Fair…..

Saturday morning, Pappy joined the kids for chores and milking.IMG_3763 Then the guys took the boat out on the lake in town.IMG_3764 Grammy, the younger kids and myself met up with them at the boat launch with lunch.IMG_3765 IMG_3767 Sam took the three youngers out for a little bit and the rest of us headed back home.IMG_3769 Saturday evening, we had hamburger casserole, compliments of Grammy, before we headed back down to the fair to watch the ox pull and truck pull.  It was such a nice evening we ate out on the porch.IMG_3770 IMG_3771 The ox pull!IMG_3772 IMG_3773 Here is Ted Lewis below.  My Aunt Liz went to school with him.  Their family has the biggest dairy farm in town and has been here for years.  He pulls his team here every year.IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3777 The kids liked this chicken with the feathery feet/claws.IMG_3779 IMG_3781 Truck pull!IMG_3783 IMG_3784Nothing says July like the town fair~the tractor pull, the ox pull, the truck pull and the horse pull!

Ethan’s 13th Birthday Party!!!!

Friday night, July 11th, we celebrated Ethan’s 13th birthday!  This was his last big family birthday party!  Here is the birthday boy with his grill master Dad!  He wanted Bubba burgers and hot dogs and tator tots.IMG_3729 IMG_3731 IMG_3732 IMG_3735 So cute!IMG_3736 The outdoor meeting of the minds…….IMG_3737The indoor meeting of the minds……..IMG_3738 Present time!IMG_3739 IMG_3740 IMG_3741 IMG_3743 IMG_3744 IMG_3746 IMG_3748 Love this picture!  They were all so excited about the Hobbit lego set!IMG_3749 IMG_3751 Lyvie wasn’t excited about the cake or anything.  ;)IMG_3754 IMG_3755 AwwIMG_3756 Four generations!!IMG_3758 Ethan with his Grandpa and his Pappy!!IMG_3759 Love, love, love!!IMG_3760 So sweet!  Ethan is so good with Quinn.IMG_3761 I think this is a great picture.  I am so thankful Pappy and Grammy could be here to celebrate Ethan with us.  It was so special to have them here!  Thank you so much for coming and making Ethan’s 13th birthday extra special!IMG_3762

Friday, July 11th

Friday morning, July 11th, Sam took the day off work and he and Pappy and Ethan took the boat out.  We met up with them a little later to bring them lunch.  IMG_3690 Judy did paracord with the girls.IMG_3691 And Grammy was whipping some super yummy apricot muffins.IMG_3692 Here is the gang!IMG_3693 We thought we were just bringing them lunch and then heading back home because I had plenty to do to get ready for Ethan’s birthday party that night.  But somehow we found our way into the boat heading down the river!  Here is Grammy getting all strapped up!  :)IMG_3694 And we’re off!IMG_3696 IMG_3697 It was such a beautiful day, I was glad we took the time to do it.IMG_3700 Sam and I love this house.  There are adirondack chairs out in the lawn and the whole setting is just so picturesque.IMG_3701 IMG_3704 Pappy and his eldest grandson!IMG_3721 Three generations.IMG_3722 Love these two!IMG_3723 Judy and the kids arrived after nap time and Sam took them out too.  But I needed to head back and get my brain in gear for Ethan’s party.IMG_3727Next up~Ethan’s 13th birthday party!

The Fair!!

Thursday morning, July 10th, Judy and the kids came over to visit.IMG_3606 I could not get Will to smile….but he’s still pretty cute!  ;)IMG_3611 IMG_3612 We keep a “patch it up” pile for Grammy when she comes to visit.  She sews up holes in our pillows and stuffed animals.  A few weeks before Grammy arrived, one of Weston’s stuffed animals got a rip and as he was showing me the rip, he said, “That’s ok.  Grammy’s coming and she can fix it.”  :)  I love that he knows that when she comes, she will be happy to fix it for him.  So special.  Our kids are blessed with such a wonderful and godly Grammy.  We are so thankful for her.IMG_3613 Thursday evening, we headed down to the fair.IMG_3616 IMG_3617 This big momma produces 6 gallons of milk in one milking!  Woah!IMG_3618 IMG_3619 I loved the markings on this cow.  There was a silver line around the black marks.IMG_3621 Our favorite…..Lucky BobIMG_3622 Obviously, you can’t see them, but Sam, Ethan, Grace and Lyvia are on this ride.IMG_3624 IMG_3625 Weston was too short for Pharoah’s Fury, so he went on the big slide.  I was nervous for him going up there all by himself but he did great!IMG_3628 And I’m pretty sure he loved it!IMG_3629 So much so that he wanted to go again!  Here he is leading the way up the stairs!IMG_3630 IMG_3631 Love that smile!IMG_3632 I think everyone but Grammy and I did the ferris wheel.IMG_3642 You can see Sam peeking out of the blue seat and the back of Pappy’s head in the yellow one.IMG_3644 IMG_3645 There was a new petting zoo this time with lots more animals than normal.IMG_3646 And look who we ran into!  Love them!!IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3653 Oh, I just love these girls!IMG_3654 HugsIMG_3660 The kids were fascinated by this elephant.IMG_3662 He or she was eating here.  It was fun to watch.  It did the same thing with the hay every time.  Swung it around and stuffed it in.IMG_3664We found baby birds that had just been hatched in that hole in the grange building.  They were poking their little heads out and chirping real loud!
IMG_3668 Sitting at the tractor pull and eating dough boys!  Can it get any better??  ;)  Look at Lindsey eyeing that dough boy!  Haha!IMG_3671 IMG_3673 The sky was so pretty that night.IMG_3676 IMG_3681 Everyone had left except me and my kiddos.  Weston finally gave in.IMG_3685 We were heading out but stopped to watch a couple more pull.  Ethan only had one hand to plug his ears because he was holding Weston, so Weston helped him out.  :)IMG_3689We had a great night!

Grammy and Pappy Visit!

On July 9th, Grammy and Pappy arrived for a visit.  They came to celebrate their oldest grandson turning 13!  Grammy and her girls.IMG_3599 Weston was very excited to see Pappy!IMG_3600 Lyvie put Grammy right to work!  ;)IMG_3602 Ethan was excited to show Pappy his deer skin.IMG_3605We had a fun week together~lots more pictures to come.

A Wonderful Sunday

This is what our Sunday looked like back in July.  This is Lyvie heading out for morning chores.IMG_3499 She found this cool moth.IMG_3501 And I cut some perennials from my garden.IMG_3504 After church, we took the boat out.IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3514 IMG_3517 IMG_3521 See the bird in it’s nest?IMG_3527 IMG_3528 A duck taking flight…….IMG_3529 Lovin’ life!IMG_3534 IMG_3535IMG_3540 So sparkly.  ;)IMG_3541 See the drawbridge going up in the distance?IMG_3543 IMG_3550 Train bridgeIMG_3562 Funny story about this…..the kids really wanted to stay put by the train tracks and watch a train go by.  So, Sam told Grace to throw out the anchor.  So, Grace did.  Well, the anchor was attached to a very frayed rope and when she threw it overboard, the rope broke and down went our anchor!  We all looked at each other like what just happened??  Poor Gracie thought she did something wrong.  Thankfully, the rope floated enough for us to come alongside and grab it and save the anchor.  Also, thankfully, the train came zooming by pretty quickly and we didn’t have to wait too long.  I was glad to get back on the other side of the train bridge in more protected waters.IMG_3563 Heading back… comes the Sabino towards us!IMG_3568 We liked the name of this boat.  ;)IMG_3569 And here is our “Gracie”IMG_3570 And our LyvieIMG_3571 Our chauffeur  ;)IMG_3575 When we got home that night, I got the crazy urge to make a strawberry rhubarb pie.  I love having rhubarb in the garden.IMG_3592 I also made Cream of Zucchini soup.  Soooo good!IMG_3594 The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie was super yum.IMG_3597 We ended our fun Sunday with a game of Spot It.  IMG_3598It was really a great Sunday!  I’m so thankful for these days together as a family.

Saying Good Bye

Saturday, July 5th, was a work day mostly around here.  Here is Ethan working on his paracord bracelets and key chains, etc.  He does a great job and really needs an outlet for them, a place to sell them.  If anyone knows of a place locally, let us know!  And if anyone is interested in buying some, he would be happy to sell them!  They make great gifts or stocking stuffers.IMG_3447 Very often on Saturdays, Hudson, Emma and Jackson, come over to play or our kids go up there.  Here they are having a snack on the back porch.IMG_3448 IMG_3449 Saturday afternoon, we began to say our good-byes to our dear Romeo.  It is always hard to let go of one of our babies, but we can’t keep them all.  IMG_3458 Kisses……IMG_3461 IMG_3462 He was a sweet boy for sure.IMG_3464 I helped deliver him and he was born ten minutes before Gracie’s birthday party was starting!  What memories we have of that day!IMG_3465 This picture cracks me up.  June is making the funniest face.  She looks like she is puckering up!IMG_3468 Hugs for Romeo!IMG_3469 One last nurse……IMG_3478 We delivered him to his new home and said our good-bye’s.IMG_3483He will forever be our Romeo and will always be missed.

Home Pasteurizer

Have I showed you this?  This is our new, antique, home pasteurizer.  I still have almost the same number of dishes to wash each morning, but overall this makes things easier.  Sam ordered it off ebay and we are really happy with it.  It. Is. Old.  Very old.  But, they don’t make them like they used to, and we like simple and quality, so that’s why we went with this one.  Not to mention it was much cheaper, than the new pasteurizers.IMG_3446So, anyway, here it is!  My new friend.  She decorates my kitchen with my other antiques for 23 hours each day and serves to pasteurize our goat milk during the other one hour.  :)

Our Cozy Fourth of July!

Our Fourth of July was most unusual this year.  Usually, we are at Mom and Dad’s and Mimi’s for a picnic.  But due to the torrential rain, we cancelled our picnic and enjoyed a cozy day at home!IMG_3424The goats had a cozy day too!IMG_3425 After chores and breakfast, we played some games.IMG_3426 Qwirkle is a fun game!IMG_3429 Then it was on to Stix and Stones…..IMG_3431 And then my favorite…..Take Two!IMG_3432 After games, we had our Cornbread Salad and red, white, and blue Jello Poke Cake (which I had also made for the picnic).IMG_3436The kids still wore their flag shirts even though there was no picnic!
IMG_3439 After we ate, we watched The Book Thief.IMG_3440It was a wonderfully quiet, lazy day together at home!  Shhh, don’t tell, but I actually welcome rainy days at home.