A Very Fun Thursday

Thursday morning, June 26th, I made a couple apple crisps.  One to take to Mimi’s that night for our family dinner.  This is one of my favorite kitchen tools from Pampered Chef.IMG_3110 Then around lunch time, we met up with Troy and Joyce at the Dog Watch for lunch.  While we waited for a table, we took a little boat ride around the harbor.IMG_3120 This is basically a “shuttle” for people that come in on their boats and anchor at a mooring instead of pulling right in.  Our driver was very friendly and full of information, but every time he looked away I had no clue what he was saying.  But we still had fun!  :)IMG_3122 IMG_3123 I loved the flag hanging off the back of the boat and loved the name of the boat.IMG_3125 What a day to be out on the water!IMG_3127 Love these pictures!!  Only I don’t know why I didn’t make Troy join them.  And we were also missing Sam.  He was working.IMG_3128 IMG_3129 I took this one for Sam.  If he could pick a boat to have.  This would be it.IMG_3133 Lunch time!  Yum!  Thanks, Troy and Joyce for treating us to lunch!IMG_3137 After lunch, we just chilled for a bit.  It was so nice.  Everyone except Ethan and I ended up buying a Dog Watch T-shirt.  And Ethan bought me one of their mugs.  I use it every morning!IMG_3136 We sat and watched the guys work at the boatyard.  Can anyone spot the man dangling from the crane??IMG_3138 Thursday evening, after chores, we headed over to Mimi’s for a family dinner.  Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marsha and their kids and grandkids were in town!  Joyce and Troy joined us as well!  They are practically part of the family!  ;)IMG_3141 Ben, Alisa, Madison (my cousin Ben’s daughter), Sam, Lindsey and David (part of David!)IMG_3142 Dad holding Quinn and Uncle JerryIMG_3145 Me and my Aunt Marsha!IMG_3146 Lindsey tossing the football with Emma and WestonIMG_3150 The kids going after Uncle SamIMG_3156 Ready, Set……IMG_3157 Throw!IMG_3158My cousin Chris and Gracie were cracking me up. They had their own little game of tag going on.  Out of all 19 of us grandchildren, David, Chris and myself are the only dark-haired and brown eyed kids.  And out of the 25 great-grandchildren, Gracie is the only dark-haired kid!  I think she is the only brown-eyed one too, but can’t say for certain.  (Ethan has brown hair, but it’s not dark and he’s got blue eyes.)
IMG_3161 Lots going on here!IMG_3162 Then Gracie wanted to play for Miss Joyce.  Oh, how we miss our piano teacher.IMG_3163 IMG_3164 The audience.  :)  Mimi was tickled about something!IMG_3165Alisa and Troy.
IMG_3166 IMG_3167 Uncle Sam photo bombed the girls!IMG_3169 Had to get them with their matching shirts.IMG_3170 What a fun night with family and friends!  (Sam was working late, we missed him)IMG_3172

“You’re Going In!”

Wednesday, June 25th, we headed over to Gary and Linda’s for Ethan and Grace to work for them and for Lyvie and Weston to swim.  Ethan was helping Gary clear the branches he had just taken off his maple.IMG_3079 And Grace was painting the rails on their deck.IMG_3085 IMG_3087 And these two were having fun!IMG_3091 Then it was time to get the netting over the blueberry bushes to keep the birds out.IMG_3092 Weston wanted so badly to jump off the diving board.  He had done it last year, but needed to regain his confidence this year.IMG_3093 The girls liked jumping together.IMG_3102 When Ethan and Grace finished working, they got to have a little fun too!IMG_3104 Linda decided Weston was going in!!!!IMG_3105 I know he wanted to, but he just couldn’t make himself do it, so she helped.  ;)IMG_3106 She said, “You’re going in!”  And in he went!IMG_3107 IMG_3108 And then he did it on his own.IMG_3109And now he jumps off the diving board like a champ.

It’s Official

It’s official.  My son has passed me up in height.  You can see how happy he is about this.  Even if it is just a quarter of an inch.  :)IMG_0053And, honestly?  I kinda like it.  I thought I would be sad, but now that I’m over the whole “I would like to have another baby” thing, I am really beginning to enjoy these new phases of life that our growing children are bringing.  It really is great.  They are great kids and I love spending my days with them.  I told him last night that even though he is taller than me, I still get to kiss him goodnight.

On a side note:  maybe you noticed his glasses and maybe you noticed Gracie peaking out from in between Ethan and I with her glasses too.  Yes, we just took everyone to the eye doctor and three out of our four children are near-sighted just like their father.  So, all three of them needed glasses.  Lyvie is still waiting on hers to come in.  And Weston is well on his way to being near-sighted also, so in a few years, I’m sure he will be wearing glasses too.  None of them got my 20/20 vision!!!!!  Can you believe that?!  We are just thankful they can get glasses to correct their vision and help them see things more clearly!

And, so, yes, it’s official, Ethan is taller than his Momma!  And I’m ok with that.  ;)


Monday afternoon, June 23rd, the kids and I headed over to Napatree for a walk with Troy and Joyce.  We love Napatree Point.IMG_3019 It was a beautiful afternoon.  The kids splashed around in the water as we walked.IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3024 We found this skate on the beach.  I believe that’s what it was.  Very similar looking to a sting ray.IMG_3028 Troy and Joyce.  :)IMG_3033 We made it to the end of the point!IMG_3040 I don’t remember this little beach out here before.  Just beyond all those rocks is a beach. But still rocky as you can see from all the rocks near and in the water.IMG_3041 See the seagull?IMG_3044 My four big blessings.IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3053 I told Weston he found supper.  And he said, “huh?”IMG_3054 Ethan trying not to get too wet.  Oops.IMG_3056 Beautiful eveningIMG_3059 The harborIMG_3060 IMG_3062 IMG_3067 The whole gang!  We missed having Sam with us.  He was working.IMG_3068 Walking the line….IMG_3072 Looking for treasures.  There were several horseshoe crabs.IMG_3073 We made it back!IMG_3074We came back and had ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, asparagus and fruit salad.
IMG_3076Fun times!

Visitors! And our Sunday Afternoon!

Saturday evening, we had some special visitors arrive!  Joyce and Troy arrived to stay with us for a week.  Here we are Sunday morning before church.  They were having their first taste of goat milk on their cereal.IMG_2965 Sunday afternoon, we went down to the borough.  (Troy and Joyce were visiting some friends this afternoon).  Brandt and Judy keep their canoe down there, so Sam took the kids down before me and took them out.IMG_2966 Then when I got there he took me out.  I am not very fond of canoes.  They make me very uncomfortable.  But it was fun to see the fishing boats up close and personal and weave in and out of the other boats.  IMG_2968 It was a beautiful afternoon on the water.IMG_2969 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 Then we let the kids play on the playground for a bit.  Judy and the kids came down too.  Brandt was working.IMG_2994 IMG_2997 We swung down by the point on our way out.  We have been watching them gut the house we used to rent when we were building.  We lived on the second floor and my laundry was up on the third floor.  They actually turned the front entrance into a two car garage!IMG_3017

Father’s Day 2014

Here we are Sunday afternoon, June 15th, Father’s Day.  I am so seriously behind in blogging, I considered skipping ahead, but I really don’t want to leave anything out, so I am just plugging along when I can.  IMG_2925 Lindsey and I had opposite matching skirts.  Is that what you call it? I was going to say “matching”, but they really aren’t matching.  Anyway, you get the idea.  ;)IMG_2929 We had shower leftovers!IMG_2935 It really was a friendly conversation, even though Sam B. looks like he’s about ready to take out Dad.  :)IMG_2936 Darrell brought his new ducks over and Lyvia was feeding them to try and get them close to her so she could hold them.  She did eventually catch one and hold it.IMG_2940 Me and My Daddy on Father’s Day.IMG_2942 Ethan took this picture and I thought it came out so nice.  (Had to make sure I gave credit where credit was due.)IMG_2946We had a very nice and relaxing Father’s Day visiting out in the yard.  I’m so thankful for the Fathers in our lives.  My Dad, Sam’s Dad, and Sam are all wonderful Godly examples of what it truly means to be a father.  They set an example for us all to follow and give of themselves in so many ways.  We are a blessed family.

Little Miss Bailey Grace!!

Little Miss Bailey Grace made her grand appearance into the world on Monday, August 18th!

 She is just precious!  And we hear she is a very quiet, calm baby.  We can’t wait to meet her!  It’s hard to be so many miles away.

But for now I just request pictures and stare at them.  :)DSC05113Congratulations, Brian and Brooke on your precious daughter!!

And, by the way, we love the name you chose.  ;)

Lindsey’s Baby Shower!!

What a fun day we had celebrating Sam and Lindsey’s new baby!  The kids and I headed over in the morning to help set up.  Here we are hanging the little “lanterns”.IMG_2844Brooke did all the centerpieces.  She is so talented!  So simple, yet so pretty.  The ferns were right out of Mom’s yard.IMG_2847We did drinks a little different this time.  As you can see, Weston was excited about it.IMG_2853And he was just dying to dig into an ice cold juice box.  :)  I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to try a Starbucks!IMG_2854Or an Izze!IMG_2855IMG_2856The food table.  We had Lindsey’s shower in the same location as my bridal shower which was 15 years ago.  Even the food table was set up the same.IMG_2857Goat milk soap favors!  Baby powder scented!IMG_2858I loved all the old pics.IMG_2866All the food looked so so good!IMG_2868IMG_2869Lindsey was busy greeting all those arriving.IMG_2870Shelly, Alisa and Bruna were checking out the pictures.IMG_2872Mom shared from scripture before we got started.IMG_2875Lunch time!IMG_2876IMG_2877IMG_2878IMG_2879IMG_2880IMG_2882IMG_2883Gift time!IMG_2884IMG_2885IMG_2886IMG_2887IMG_2888Here Lindsey was opening her gift from my girls.IMG_2892Amanda wrapped up a prank gift.  It was called a crib dribbler.  It was so funny!  They didn’t know it was a prank at first and there was no card so my Mom was asking whose gift it was.IMG_2894IMG_2895Pam, Lindsey’s mother in law, helped her open one of the big gifts.IMG_2896This was a cool wall hanging from Maria.IMG_2899Lyvie is showing her the familiar pages in the book Goodnight Maryland.  That was from Brooke and I.IMG_2900IMG_2901Weston and Emma found something fun to do with the wrap boxes.IMG_2903We had to throw in a little librarian touch for Lindsey, so we pulled a bookcase over to put all the books she received in.IMG_2904Sam and Lindsey with Sam’s Mom, Pam, and his sister, Susanna.
IMG_2905Sam is checking out all the books he will be reading to his baby!IMG_2906IMG_2908IMG_2912What is this?!  It was in the grass when we were cleaning up from the shower.  IMG_2918It was a great day and we were so thankful the weather held out for us and we enjoyed being outside!

Family Dinner

Friday night, June 13th, the same day we set up for the shower, we went over to Sam and Lindsey’s for pizza, salad and s’mores.IMG_2822 Terrible timing for pictures, everyone’s mouth was full!  IMG_2824 IMG_2825 Campfire/S’more Time!IMG_2827 IMG_2829 IMG_2834 Lindsey took us down to show us her garden.IMG_2839 Yummy S’more!IMG_2842It was a fun night together!