One Sunday In May

Sunday May 18th, we had a little “baby goat open house” if you will.  We knew there were some kiddos that would love to pet and meet our baby goats, so we invited a few families over after church.IMG_2404 Nicole brought Abigail and Luke (who slept the whole time) and Micah and Erica brought Karleisa and Lyla.IMG_2406 Abigail just loved the goats.  She was such a natural.  And she loved feeding them. IMG_2409 Poor Karleisa on the other hand.  She was terrified!  Lily, the goat, had no idea she was scaring Karleisa.IMG_2418 Eventually, maybe she thought it wasn’t so bad…..IMG_2419 Then she tried hiding behind the tree.  :)IMG_2421 Meanwhile, Farmer Abigail was herding the chickens…….IMG_2423 Renee and Abby also stopped by…..Renee used to have Nubian goats too, so she felt right at home.  ;)IMG_2425 Our baby Lou is getting big!IMG_2426 Will and Tammie stopped by with Paige and Ella.IMG_2428 IMG_2429 Ella loved the babies.  They were just her size!  ;)IMG_2430 IMG_2432 IMG_2434 Little Miss Lou thought she would have a snack of Paige’s hair band.  Paige was kinda stuck seeing that Lou was standing on her dress.  IMG_2435 IMG_2439 Sunday evening, we picked up a half gallon of ice cream and a box of cones at the grocery store and headed to downtown for a stroll and some ice cream.  Sam served up the cones for us.IMG_2447 Checking out the “newness” of the drawbridge.IMG_2450 It was such a beautiful evening.IMG_2453 The sky was beautiful behind the drawbridge.IMG_2456 IMG_2458 Sweet Sisters.IMG_2459 The boys.

 {The guy off to the left was playing the guitar and singing~he was good}IMG_2461 IMG_2464 The steeple in the center of the picture peeking out from the trees always reminds of our dating months.  We would often come down here and sit on a bench by the water and in the evening after dark that steeple was always lit up.  It looked so pretty.IMG_2476 Then it was on to the playground for a bit……IMG_2482 IMG_2484 IMG_2485 IMG_2487 IMG_2494 IMG_2498 IMG_2504 IMG_2505 Then all of a sudden, after having the place to ourselves…this big group of big kids arrived.  Can you see Weston swinging right in the middle of all of them??IMG_2511 IMG_2516It was a great Sunday!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Here we are on May 17th…Ethan mowed the lawn for the first time this year…..IMG_2397 And I planted flowers on my porches.  All of these things are huge now!  I will have to take new pictures.IMG_2398 IMG_2400 And just because she is so cute…….here is Lyvie vacuuming for me.  I have been teaching the girls how to properly vacuum. ;)  It used to be that they would vacuum for me and then I would vacuum again.  But I decided to teach them how to do it the right way so that only one of us had to do it!  I usually do it anyway, but when I’m in a pinch, they step in.IMG_2403

Just A Few Things…….

This is my hanging black eyed susan that I got from the farm stand.  I really like it.  It’s different from any other I’ve ever had.IMG_2351 This might sound crazy…but one of the things I miss about not working as a nurse (besides the patients of course) is drawing up meds into syringes from vials.  For some reason I liked that and I never really minded giving injections.  I was often complemented on how I gave my injections.  Apparently I had a gentle touch.  ;)  So, when we got goats and learned that we had to give them injections, I thought, no problem, I used to do that all the time.  Well, the first time I went to do it, I had a terrible time.  The baby goat was so fidgity and the skin was thick and the hair was in the way.  It was awful.  So, now I draw up the meds and Sam administers the injections.  IMG_2354 Now, on a very, very sad note.  I struggled with sharing this, but it’s part of our life, as a matter of fact, a very big part of our life and that is what this blog is all about, so I’m sharing.  We sold our sweet Romeo a little over two weeks ago (more on that later) and last Saturday evening, he died tragically.  We are devastated.  We helped deliver him and cared for him and loved him.  I try to remember, he was just an animal, but he was also a part of our family and a big part of our lives.  I never believed the whole “your pet becomes a part of your family” idea until we started having animals.  And now I understand!  He will be missed tremendously.  So, here’s just a few pictures to remember our boy…….IMG_2359 IMG_2378 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 The goats love fresh green leaves!IMG_2392 And here is nightly visitor….he likes our cat food.  One night he was watching me watch him and soon he used both his front paws?, claws?, hands?, whatever they are called….he used them both to scoop up some cat food and took off munching on it.  It was one of the funniest things I have seen.  So, now I bring the cat food in before dark, so hoping that keeps him away.IMG_2394That’s all……

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

The night of May 15th, I went up to tuck the kids in and found Weston like this:IMG_2344This is when he still slept on the floor (he does have a bed now!).  He was out!  We moved the book, everyone came running in to see, I took a picture and he never woke up!

Haircut Day!

For some reason, we had absolutely nothing in the house to eat as far as breakfast food, so Tues, May 13th I made some pumpkin muffins.  It was like a little bit of fall in the middle of spring.  I kind of liked it.  :)  I love fall.  And Weston loved the muffins.IMG_2322 And thankfully, Alisa arrived just in time.  Our hair was getting out of control!IMG_2324 Can’t keep the books out of this girl’s hands.  Love it.IMG_2325 Pretty Lyvie.  :)IMG_2326 The girls brought Romeo in to show Alisa.IMG_2330 Lyvie’s turn!  Ethan got his hair cut too, but for some reason, didn’t get his picture.IMG_2331Thanks, Alisa!

Who Let the Goats Out?!

On Monday, May 12th, we let the babies and Katie out for the first time.  They loved it!IMG_2308 They were nibbling at everything.IMG_2312 But they never went too far from Katie.  If they got too far, she would call for them and they would come running back as fast as they could, crying as they went.  It was the cutest thing.IMG_2313 And we always give Lou a little extra love, since none of the goats love her.IMG_2314 Here she is showing off.  She was so excited to finally have playmates!IMG_2318 That night for dinner we had some of our venison steaks.  One of our favorite meals.IMG_2319

Mother’s Day 2014

We had a great Mother’s Day.  We went to church, then went home to check on the goats, change and pick up Lou.  We ran and picked up pizza and salad and headed back over to Mom’s.  Here is Lou checking out Grandie and Grandpa’s house.IMG_2231 Grandie’s passing out the soda.IMG_2233 Grandie’s gift from Lindsey and I!IMG_2234 Limited Edition Mother’s Day bangle from Pandora.  With it’s own little case.IMG_2236Baby goats love to lay under things.  Lou found a nice spot under Mimi’s chair.
IMG_2239 Four generations!IMG_2247 IMG_2250 Then the monkeys went back to monkeying around……IMG_2251 Can you find Lyvie?IMG_2253 There she is!IMG_2254 We got hot on the deck so we moved to the shade and Lou found a new spot.IMG_2255 IMG_2257 Love this.  Ethan’s got his nose in a book while the other three are bouncing all around him.IMG_2264 Lou had an endless supply of lush green grass but she chose to eat this branch instead.  IMG_2268 Head lock.IMG_2269 Beanie Top BoyIMG_2271 This picture cracks me up.  I think Mimi put her feet up because Lou was heading her way, but I can’t remember for sure.  And Dad is zooming by in the background.IMG_2275 They are off and running……IMG_2276 IMG_2279 Later in the afternoon we walked Mimi home and wanted to check out her new flower box that Dad had built for her.IMG_2283 He not only built the flower box, but he bought the flowers and planted them too!  I thought it was so pretty!IMG_2284 Then I had to get a picture of Mimi with her Mother’s Day gift from Mom and Dad.  Love it!IMG_2290 Mimi and some of her great-grandkids.  Kids….Get it?IMG_2292 Then we walked over to see the trench Sam had been working on to run water and electric to the campground.IMG_2293It was a great day!  Happy Mother’s Day to Mom, Mimi and my sweet Mother in Law!

Our First Day at the Stand!

Saturday, May 10th, Grace, Lyvia, Weston and myself took a load of soap up to the farm stand where I am selling my soap and we set up a table.  We had pictures of our goats and free samples and a few notes and tips about taking care of the soap.  And of course, we were there to answer any questions people might have about it and to promote it!  It was a great success!  We had a great day.

My helpers!IMG_2190 IMG_2191 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2200 Our view for the day.  It was rough, I tell ya.  I actually ended up taking that yellow black eyed susan hanging plant home with me.  I stared at it all day and just had to have it!IMG_2202 IMG_2203 There is someone hiding among the flowers!  Can you see him or her??IMG_2204 All day the kids were finding flower petals on the ground and they would bring them to me.  I thought this one was so unique and pretty.IMG_2210 Will took Weston over to load up some mulch in someone’s truck.  IMG_2219 Will let Weston handle some of the controls.  That is right up his alley!!  I thought that was so nice of Will.IMG_2223We had a wonderful day!  We need to and plan to get back up there soon.  We have had many busy weekends, but I am looking forward to setting up again soon.

Disbudding the Twins

We disbudded Romeo and Maia on May 9th.  It’s our least favorite job.  These poor things didn’t know what was coming.IMG_2163 You can tell by the look on Lyvie’s face that she is not happy because she does know what’s coming.IMG_2165 Katie is getting some treats from Weston.IMG_2169 Shaving Maia’s head.IMG_2167 Blue Eyes Boy………IMG_2177 Job is over!  Now it’s snuggle time!IMG_2183 You can tell Ethan had the camera!  He got such a kick out of this picture.IMG_2185 Long Legs Lou was getting so big that after she nursed she would join her mom and start eating Lily’s grain too.IMG_2186 Look at Lily’s ear over Lou’s head.  Lily doesn’t like sharing her grain!IMG_2188

The Soap

I took these pictures on May 9th.  This was some of the soap that I was getting ready to wrap up to sell.

Honeysuckle RoseIMG_2153 This one is Christmas Tree (or Pine) which I made out of season specifically for my sister in law, Shelly.  ;)  It’s her favorite.IMG_2154 Here is another picture of it without the flash so you can see the color.IMG_2155 LemonIMG_2156 Energy scent which is kind of orange-y smelling.  IMG_2157 This is Lilac.IMG_2160 IMG_2161 This one is Lemon Lavender.IMG_2162