Meet Winchester:  Ethan’s first buck he shot last fall!IMG_7030 Olaf was checking out Winchester……IMG_7042 It took a year to get him.  But we were very happy with how it turned out.  Ethan also got the cape and that is now draped over the railing up there as well.  IMG_7043{11/23/14}


Here’s Rhino.

 He’s a good kitty.  Lyvie takes good care of him and here he is in his little house on the back porch with his toys, food, and water and a “front door rug” (aka one of my dish towels!).
IMG_7010 IMG_7011

Our First Snow!

Friday, November 14th, we had our first snow!  IMG_7000 My ferns were still going strong!IMG_7001 Weston couldn’t get out there fast enough!  He was so excited!IMG_7004 Ridin’ along……IMG_7005 ….and he’s down…IMG_7006 But he was up as quick as he went down…and as soon as he popped up he said, “Mommy, can I have hot chocolate?!”  Absolutely, Weston!  Even a dusting of snow calls for hot chocolate!IMG_7007It was a Fun Friday for sure!

Ethan’s Morning Oatmeal :)

Here is what Ethan eats on most morning after chores.  It’s a double serving of oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, blueberries, bananas, and chocolate chips.  Sometimes he has it with sliced peaches also.IMG_6995 Weston went through a phase last fall where he loved playing with Magnetix.  It was fun to watch his creations.  And, yes, he likes to mismatch his camouflage pj’s!  :)IMG_6998{This was 11/11/14}

Breeding Time!

It was that time of year again!  Time to breed the goats!  Friday, November 7th, the kids and I dropped Katie and Lily off to get bred.  And here we are Sunday afternoon, the 9th to pick them up.IMG_6973 But first we had to say hello to Marianne’s goats.

 This is Weston’s favorite goat~~Briar RoseIMG_6975 Here are Marianne’s two baby bucks.  The black one is Family Jewels and the brown is Sir Lancelot.  Yup.  She knows how to name ‘em!IMG_6976

Hunting, the woodstove, and Ava Overload!!

Here we are Monday, November 3rd.IMG_6926 It was that time of year to fire up the woodstove!!IMG_6927 And, of course, it was Monday so that meant we had Ava!  Yay!IMG_6928 I love her little profile!  :)IMG_6931 Kisses for Ava.IMG_6932 IMG_6933 IMG_6936 This is my Monday crew!  Love them!IMG_6937 She loved to just lay on the floor sometimes.IMG_6942She had started rolling over, so we wanted to see her do it.IMG_6944 She knew we were back there somewhere!IMG_6945 There’s her first one–well, for us, anyway!IMG_6947 Then we cheered her on again!IMG_6948 Come on, Ava, you can do it!  IMG_6949 Yay!IMG_6950 Happy girls!IMG_6955 IMG_6957 Bottle time!IMG_6958By this time of the day, she is tired and wants her Mommy.  :)
IMG_6964We had so much fun with her that day!