Throwback Thursday!!

 ~~~ Fall of 2010 ~~~

We celebrated Mimi’s 80th birthday in style at what used to be called Jamm’s, but is now The Boathouse.  Good times! img_0989 Then we came back to Mom and Dad’s for dessert.  Lindsey, where were you??!img_1015 These days, I was a happy soccer Mom!  Here is Ethan’s cheering section!  Cheerios on Grace’s nose and goldfish to boot!img_2267 Our soccer player!img_2271 Here is how we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!  Take out from Paul’s Pasta complete with flowers, candles, and sparkling grape juice!  Penny and the girls got the table ready for us.  🙂 img_2275 And just in case you thought we were dining alone……Nope!  Haha!img_2276 Oh, yes and me in my Winnie the Pooh shirt.  Those were the days.  I still have that shirt by the way.  That shirt goes back to my high school days.  Yes.  I am my father’s daughter!!img_2277 Here is Ethan’s first “putting together” project!  He did great!img_2278 img_2279 And he had a helper!img_2281 This boy was a mess.img_2282 img_2286 img_2287 One of our anniversary bouquets.img_2289 These were the days when we actually had time to carve pumpkins.  img_2301 Our first set of kittens!  Theodore and Amos.  From the Apple Dumpling Gang.  But nicknamed Slim and Tubby.img_2307 img_2308 img_2309 Spent many days on the soccer field that fall…..watching this handsome boy play!img_2315And that was just a small snippet from our fall of 2010!!  So great to look back on these days.  Much to be thankful for.

Saturday Work Day!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

This Saturday was a very full day for us!

Maia was so funny during morning chores….I was standing in the doorway of the barn and she just came up behind me and poked her head through my legs and stayed there for the longest time.  img_8095 Katie and her babies….Samson and Sassafrasimg_8097 The babies love to pile up together in the corner of the barn.img_8103 img_8104 Sam was finishing up the chick’s new coop….our Chicken Chapel.img_8105 I love the unique topper I found at our local ……hmmm, I don’t even know what to call it, but if you’re looking for treasures, he’s got it!  He even sells my soap now!!  Yay!img_8107 Today was the dreaded day!  Disbudding day.  So, we got lots of pictures of our babies before they got disbudded.  Here’s Lyvie holding Gandalf…..img_8108 img_8109 img_8110 Gandalf is a handsome boy.img_8111 img_8113 Lyvie is such a big helper.  We have this down to a science now so that is good.  But still, none of us like doing it.  But if we don’t do it, they will have horns and we can’t have that.  I hold their hind legs and Lyvie holds their front legs while Sam shaves the spot and then disbuds (or dehorns) them.  The pillows work great.img_8114 img_8115 Gracie has Sky Walker…..img_8116 img_8119 And Lillian was next……img_8121 img_8122 img_8124 Then Charlotte!img_8126 img_8129 After the traumatic experience of disbudding, I like to go out and sit with them.img_8132 Buster had company!  We put the chicks in with him.  img_8137 The siblings always stay together…..img_8140 img_8141 Lou…..img_8146 Lou feeding her girls……she wouldn’t always stand for them to nurse, so when she did, we were so thankful.img_8150 Katie’s babies snuggled under the chair and she is standing close by.img_8152 Lillian had a large piece of hay sticking out of her mouth.  Can you see it?  She is the farthest one to the left.  I guess she thinks she is a big girl now!img_8153 Charlotte and Lillian snuggled in the corner.img_8159 Before bible study that night, we had dinner at Mom and Dad’s celebrating Sam’s, Brian’s, and my birthday.img_8160 Fun!img_8161 img_8163 img_8164 img_8165 Dunk! Ha!img_8169 Brooke and Mom made the yummy desserts…..brownies and cheesecake.  Two of my favorites!img_8170 Not sure what happened to Weston….but for some reason he needed an ice pack.  Grandie has a fun froggy ice pack.  🙂img_8171And that was our Saturday!!

Fun Friday! Mexican Style.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Morning chores……
img_8083 img_8084 The babies loved to play on the rocks……img_8085 and under our chairs…….img_8086 Friday night, we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  SO fun!  Sam was trying to get the kids to put on this hat that was hanging on the wall.  Weston was the only willing participant.  He wore it well, I thought!img_8089 img_8090 img_8091 He looked so little under there!img_8092It was a great way to end our week!

Katie’s Delivery, Visitors, and Oral Reports!

Thursday, April 21, 2016 was a big day!!

It started with morning chores, of course………img_7953 img_7955 One of our favorite things to do with the goat babies is carry them up the hill and watch them run down.img_7956 img_7959 img_7964 Katie is our quick deliverer!  We did morning chores, headed back in the house, then realized Katie was acting kinda funny.  We watched her from the house for a few minutes and then Weston ran out to check and said, “Come quick, a hoof is coming out!”img_7969 Within minutes, she had two beautiful babies laying in front of her!!  A boy ~~ Samson!!  And a girl ~~ Sassafras!!  She had a white “S” on her forehead, so the “S” names fit well for these two.  Samson is brown and Sassafras is black.  I was actually really happy she delivered outside.  It kept the mess outside and it was a beautiful day.  Of course, we had to lock everyone else in the barn for a while to keep them out of the way.img_7974 Not long after Samson was born, he was making an effort to stand.img_7984 We give our does a treat of molasses in warm water after they deliver.  It gives them an energy boost and they love it!  It’s our way of saying, “Job well done!”img_7987 img_7990 Samson soon found his way to Katie’s teat and started nursing!  This is always a big relief to us.img_7994 Poor little Sassafras was still trying to get on her feet.img_7995 img_7999 img_8000 Weston fed Katie her grain while she began to deliver her placenta.img_8002 We thought it looked like a coyote howling on Samson’s left side of his belly.  Do you see it?img_8005 When Sassafras finally started walking, she came right to me, it was the funniest thing!  I had sat out there with them for about 2 1/2 hours waiting for her to get moving!img_8011 Samson and Sassafras were born on my Mom’s birthday, so she stopped by to say hello and happy birthday to the goat babies that she now shares a birthday with!img_8014 Ethan and Grace had reports due this day.  I told them even though we had deliveries today, they still had to finish them and hand them in.  And they did!img_8017 Weston was very proud of these sunglasses that he paid for all by himself.img_8016 That afternoon, Bailey and Company came by for a visit.img_8019 img_8020 img_8021 img_8022 img_8023 Brooke had a bag of muffins in her hand that had a note on it.  She was trying to give us some exciting news and I totally did not see it coming!!img_8024 But June noticed the bag of muffins and wanted some!  Haha!  We went through the whole  visit and didn’t pay any attention to the note on the bag.  Finally, Brooke told Grace to go look at the muffin bag.  She was announcing Baby #2!!  So exciting!!!!img_8025 img_8026 Bailey wasn’t afraid of them at all.img_8027 It was so fun having Mom and Dad come and sit for a minute.img_8029 Bailey kept wanting to feed the goats.  It was so cute. She was feeding Lou some hay.img_8031 The babies often lay in pairs with their sibling.img_8034 img_8035 Ethan and Charlotte.img_8037 img_8038 Soon after Bailey, Brian, Brooke, Mom and Dad left, the Nicole, Eric and family came for a visit!!  It was so fun having everyone come by.img_8039 Isaiah wasn’t sure what to think.img_8040 But Abby loved them!img_8041 She was a natural!img_8042 Luke’s giving kisses!img_8043 So cute!img_8044 img_8046 img_8047 img_8050img_8049 img_8051 That smile.  🙂img_8054 Little did Luke know, but Gandalf and Walker were sneaking up behind him to nibble at his hair!  🙂img_8055 Haha!img_8056 Poor Katie and babies missed out on all the visitors, but they had to stay tucked in for the night.img_8057 The babies love to snuggle together.img_8062 And on our laps……img_8063 img_8066 Charlotte and Lillianimg_8070 img_8071 Remember those reports that were due?  Well, they had to present them orally to us that night.img_8075 img_8077 Sam made Lyvie and Weston get and say something too even though they didn’t have reports due.img_8078 Weston got the nervous giggles.img_8082It was a long, but very fun day!

Going Back to April…..

I finished blogging about Ocean City now, so I’m going back to April in hopes of still catching up.

So, here we are on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sky Walker and Gandalf are three days old here.  We found them snuggled in the warmth of the sun that morning.
img_7933 Lindsey and Ava came over that afternoon to meet the babies.img_7935 img_7936 img_7937 I’m not sure she knew what to think with four goat babies running around her!img_7939 img_7940 Charlotte….img_7943 These two sisters were so funny.  They look like they’re laying in bunk beds.  img_7944 img_7947 Gandalf….img_7948


Monday morning, August 29th, the girls and I got up to watch the sunrise on the beach.  I have made this tradition, to go watch the sunrise on my last morning at the beach.  And I love it.  It gets me up and going!  There was a tide pool that morning.  The seagulls were having fun in it!img_1344 The sunrises are always amazing down here!  So this post mostly consists of sunrise picture overload!!  But I don’t apologize because I love them all.img_1346 It was fun having the girls get up and go with me!  The boys were invited too, but they chose to sleep.  Plus Ethan had already had his sunrise morning.  Remember??  He didn’t answer the phone and I went running to the beach all in a panic to find him.  Ahem.  Yes, I’m that Mom.img_1349 Lyvie!  Ha!img_1350 My footprint.img_1352 img_1354 img_1356 img_1357 img_1361 img_1365 The girls wrote this…..img_1369 img_1370 I love the seagulls footprints.img_1371 I was trying to catch a bird in flight in one of my pics.  This was the best I could do.img_1372 img_1378 img_1379 img_1380 img_1383 Good-bye 44th Street beach……img_1387 The girls jumped back in bed when we got back.  haha!img_1389 Yaya, thanks for letting us crash at your place for the FIRST time ever (for me!)!!  We had a blast!img_1390 Yaya’s deck flowers.  So pretty!img_1391 img_1392 When we left Yaya’s, we still had a few stops to make.  First stop, was the Fractured Prune for hot donuts!  YUM!  No, I mean it.  Seriously, yum.  Then one more stop at Candy Kitchen for Ethan.  Then Sunsations for me to get a pair of sunglasses.  My favorite pair had a big ol’ scratch and I couldn’t drive without some sunglasses.img_1393 Then we finally were heading off of Coastal Highway!img_1394 And made our way home!img_1396 Welcome to Manhattan!  We made great time right up to the CT stateline.  Then it was stop and go for hours.  Such a bummer.  img_1401 Sam met us at a local restaurant for supper.  It was so good to get back to him and just sit and talk for a bit.  Then we finally pulled in our driveway!  We gave Sam his gift from Yaya!  A chair for the garage!  Thanks, Yazi!  He loves it!  Sam had had his dilated at the eye dr that afternoon.  Hence, the sunglasses.  😉imag1147So long, Ocean City!!  Till next time………

OCEAN CITY 2016 ~~ DAY 6

~~ Sunday, August 28, 2016 ~~

This was our last full day in Ocean City.  Before we were even at the beach, the kids were asking if I was going to let them in the water.  I prayed about it and decided to get down there and see how things were.  Soon after we got down to the beach, the lifeguards were very active, even pulling a girl out right in front of us.  And the waves were breaking way out there.  I was not comfortable with any of us going in, so we stayed out.  The kids were disappointed, but they understood where I was coming from, so I was thankful.  We had enjoyed several days in the water and even though this was our last day, we still could enjoy relaxing on the beach and standing on the edge of the water to cool ourselves off.

Here’s the crew:img_1273 img_1274 The boys played tic-tac-toe.img_1276 img_1277 We left the beach early that afternoon to get cleaned up and ready to go down to the boardwalk.  We wanted to hit up Quiet Storm, Tony’s deck for some pizza and then Thrasher’s Fries!img_1278 And of course, we had to get pics at the tire!img_1279 img_1280 img_1281 img_1282 Weston loves this shark.img_1283 img_1284 Yaya treated us to pizza on Tony’s deck!  So fun!img_1285 Our view from the deck.img_1286 img_1289 One of the sand sculptures said to take a selfie, so I did!img_1295 My boys!img_1296 Can you tell the sun was oh so bright?!img_1297 We like getting pics here with the boardwalk sign behind us, but they had the umbrellas up which made it difficult to get the sign in.img_1298 img_1299 img_1301 They had an Olympics sand sculpture….img_1304 And then the evangelistic sand sculptures……img_1305 They were so neat.img_1306 img_1309 img_1311 img_1312 I also liked this farm scene.img_1317 img_1322 We kept watching this huge white balloon thing going up on the beach and wondered what it was and then Yaya remembered it was something to do with the laser show they have down there.img_1327 Had to get my picture with Olaf!  I love Olaf!!img_1330 img_1331 img_1329 Watching these people get flung (is that a word??!) up in the air in that little ball made me shiver!img_1334 I think Weston still thinks that fat lady is for real.  He kept staring.img_1336 On our way home, we passed a lot of excitement at this condo.  We still don’t know what happened but they came out doing CPR on someone.  img_1337 Then I surprised the kids with getting sundaes at Dumser’s!!!!img_1338 It was so fun!img_1339 img_1340 img_1341 It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!img_1343

OCEAN CITY 2016 ~~ DAY 5

~~ Saturday, August 27th ~~

Saturday, everyone, but my kids and myself, were heading home.  We were staying a few extra days.

Here is Bailey Grace with her puppy, “Bailey”, that Lyvia bought for her.img_1223 Sweet girls!img_1224 We all gathered at Yaya’s before everyone pulled out (except Sam and Linds, they had to get going) to give Yaya her birthday gift!img_1225 Boo, Calvin and me.  I love that he was looking up at Brooke and smiling.  img_1227 The kids got her a “cat” charm for her pandora bracelet.  So fun!  And so her!img_1228 img_1229 img_1230 img_1232 After everyone (but Mom) pulled out, we headed out to get Chic-Fil-A for lunch.  Yum!img_1233 Yaya had a few errands to run and then met us there.  img_1234 We loved getting to spend time with Yaya!!img_1235 When we got back from lunch, Mom was about ready to head out.img_1236 I teased Yaya that she had NO pictures in her house of just her and me, but she had everyone else!  So we made sure we got some of just the two of us this trip.img_1237 img_1238 There’s Mom honking and waving from Coastal Highway!img_1240 Weston enjoyed building this lego set that Mom had left for him.img_1241 Then it was off to the beach for the afternoon……img_1243 The water was a little more rough today and I got caught in what’s called a “shore break”.  It was very scary and I literallly thought I was going to die.  The wave sucked me right down and then tossed me all around like I was in a washing machine.  I have to plug my nose and it all happened so fast and I was being thrown all around that I couldn’t get my hand to my nose and I can’t hold my breath well.  I continued to get hit with waves a couple more times and couldn’t get out of the water.  But I finally did and I had taken in so much fluid that for the rest of the day, if I leaned forward, water just poured out of my nose.  I had an immediate headache, was dizzy and couldn’t breathe well.  And I sounded super stuffy.  I was covered in sand from head to toe.  It was awful.  I made all the kids get out of the water.  It just scared me so bad.  After I rested for a bit, I went to talk to the lifeguard about it.  He explained it all to me and what I can do to prevent that from happening, but basically it happens and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.  Of course, the kids were dying to get back in the water.  I went for a walk with them after I was feeling better, then I reluctantly decided to let them back in.  Then I decided I should get back in.  You know, it’s like one of those “fall off the horse, get back on” sorts of experiences.  I have grown up going to the ocean my whole life, but woah, had never, ever had that happen before and it scared me silly!  But I went back in.  And then just felt too out of control again, so I made everyone get out with me.  We just chilled on the beach for the rest of the afternoon.img_1244 img_1245 Lyvie and I took some selfies.img_1247 img_1248 Weston’s wall……he did great and it protected us well.img_1249 Eventually, everyone, except Lyvia and I were back getting showers……We never go back all at once, because there is only one shower.  So, we trickle back and take turns.  Works perfect.img_1250 img_1251 img_1254 img_1259 Her and I had fun just sitting together.img_1260 She wrote this in the sand.  😉img_1264 When Lyvia and I got back, everyone was all showered and cozy!img_1268 We watched the sunset from the deck…….img_1269 Weston finished his legos and put it on the scrabble tiles and pretended they were the sand.img_1271That night was so fun and relaxing!  We just hunkered down, had leftovers and watched Soul Surfer.

OCEAN CITY 2016 ~~ DAY 4

~~Friday, August 26th~~

I made eggs and potatoes almost every morning we were there.  I had brought our own chicken’s eggs and some baked potatoes to easily fry up.img_1186Yaya and I had a mid-morning snack of leftover shrimp cocktail!  YUM!img_1187Then it was…….off to the beach, of course!img_1190Ethan wasted no time getting in!img_1191img_1192Weston loved trying to “ride” the boogie board at the end of the wave.img_1193 Lyvie loved digging in the sand for these creatures.  I can’t remember what they are??  Hermit crabs??  Yaya??img_1199 Weston was always busy.  Here he is burying Yaya’s feet!img_1200 Job well done!img_1201 Going for the frisbee!img_1204 Grace burying Hudson.img_1205 This is my favorite time on the beach…..when the kids are all “watered” out and just want to sit still in the warm sand.  They sat here for the longest time, just talking and playing.  It was so cute!img_1209 We saw the dolphins swimming by!  So fun!img_1211 Jackson’s burying Weston.img_1214 After the beach, we took the kids to the pool for a bit before showers and dinner.img_1216 We have a nice view of Yaya’s little place from the pool!img_1219 After showers, we headed to the Whispering Sands condo for dinner and Take Two!  We got yummy Anthony’s grinders!img_1220Another fun day at the beach!!  SO thankful!!

OCEAN CITY 2016 ~~ DAY 3

Thursday morning, August 25th, Ethan planned to get up and go down to the beach to watch the sunrise in Ocean City.  I was a bit reluctant to let him go, but he had his phone and he is responsible, so I said yes.  About 15 minutes after he left, I decided to text him just to check on him.  Bad idea.  He had turned his phone on low and was listening to music on his ipod, so he didn’t hear the text come through.  Meanwhile, I’m back at the house in a panic because he is not answering me.  I even called him and he didn’t answer.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, I went running down to the beach and there he was just a strolling along the beach.  This is obviously not the best sunrise picture, but I took it to remind me of that morning and because that is Ethan you see walking along the beach just past the lifeguard chair.  I am just getting used to Ethan being more independent, so I told him he just needs to bear with me.  🙂img_1147 And then it was just another beautiful day on the beach!img_1148 They made a kiddie “pool” out of a shower curtain.img_1150 img_1151 Weston was always busy digging trenches and walls.img_1154 img_1157 And then a huge wave came and filled it right up!img_1158 After the beach, Ethan, Grandie, Lindsey and Brooke did some shopping at the outlets, while the rest of us stayed back and got showers and ready for dinner.img_1159Then we ate over at one of the condos where Sam, Lindsey, Brooke and the girls were staying.  Some got take-out, some had leftovers.
img_1160 Oh, and Lindsey picked up some Thrasher’s fries for us!  Yum!img_1161 img_1163 We sat out and enjoyed the deck and the view!img_1165 Me and little Jakie!img_1166 img_1168 img_1169 This was my girls’ bedroom.  And where I stayed our first night here during the Yaya sleepover.  Such a nice room!  And I was awakened to Ava flying into my room that first morning!  Lol!img_1170 img_1171 Brooke and Jacob!  Such a sweet boy!img_1172 img_1173 This condo was so nice.img_1174 I loved this high table and chairs.  We played a lot of Take Two here!img_1175 img_1176 Yaya and Jacob!  (and Weston!)img_1177 Reading a book…..just to note: he IS potty trained.  😉img_1178 img_1179 TAKE TWO TIME!!!! img_1180 Then back at Yaya’s late that night, Weston was working on legos!img_1181 img_1182 img_1183 Ethan got the floor, Weston got the love seat, and I got the murphy bed!
img_1184 Such a cozy place Yaya has!img_1185