Oh, Baby!

On Thursday afternoon, March 13th, we headed over to my Mom and Dad’s.  I was going with Sam, Lindsey, Brian, Brooke, Mom, Pam, and Susanna to help Lindsey register at Babies R Us.  The kids were staying with Dad til Sam could get there to pick them up.  And of course when there is any down time, Lyvie wants to play a game.  So, while we waited for Mom-who had overslept and in her mind was in a completely different time zone than us-Dad, Uncle Sam, Gracie, Lyvie and Weston played “Spot It”.  Mom had just gotten back from PNG that morning.  So glad to have her home safe and sound.IMG_0880 Mom was handing out some bilams.  I have no idea how to spell that word, so I’m sorry if I got that wrong!IMG_0883 The registering crew!  Brooke, where were you???  :)IMG_0886 Ok, does anyone know what Sam is doing in this picture?!  I’ll tell you exactly what he was doing right here.  He was calculating how old his baby will be at a particular time of the year, so he could get just the right size Boston Red Sox outfit.  ;)  Love it!IMG_0887 And B&B were checking out the bow tie and suspender outfits!  Their baby, should it be a boy, could match Brian perfectly!  :)IMG_0888 All registered!  Well, she got a start anyway, I should say!  IMG_0889 After registering, we met Dad at Ninety-Nine for a late supper.  What fun!  The only thing missing was my husband that night!  IMG_0891 Belly pictures!  Brooke’s is hard to see because she has got a brown shirt on.  But they both have tiny bumps!  So fun!IMG_0892 Sisters!  I am so excited that my sisters are having babies.  Better them, than me!  Haha!  Just kidding.  I love babies, especially newborns.  So, I can’t wait to hold these sweet babies in my arms!  IMG_0895Umm, why am I suddenly the shortest one of the three of us?!?!  Am I shrinking??

For some reason, I just suddenly sat up very straight in my chair.

B&B in the House!

Monday evening, Brooke and Brian stopped in for a visit!  They had just gotten into town.  We are always so excited to see them and miss them dearly as our neighbors.  They brought Weston an early birthday present.  He was not excited at all, can you tell??IMG_0863 Midshipman PJ shorts!  Yay!  Go Navy!IMG_0866 I know this picture is blurry, but I loved it so I had to include it.  So, this night was super special.  This was the night we found out some very exciting news!!!!  My littlest sister is gonna have a baby!!  Yay!!  Her and Lindsey are due one week apart!  Crazy!  They got married four weeks apart and now they are at it again making things crazy for Mom and I.  Haha.  Just kidding!  We love it and planning baby showers is much easier than bridal showers and weddings and all that goes along with that!!IMG_0868 They came over again on Tuesday night and we got yummy grinders.IMG_0870 Weston had to try out Uncle Brian’s suspenders.  ;)IMG_0871 See how excited Lyvie was about having another cousin?  Lol.IMG_0873We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Brooke and Brian these two nights and catching up.

We miss you guys and look forward to having you as our neighbors again someday, Lord willing!


Sunday, March 9th, we had John over for supper.  We don’t get to see John very often, so when he’s home, it’s great to sit and catch up with him!  (John is one of our supported missionaries who I grew up with in the church).  We spent a lot of time talking about the rapture, the millennium, and eternity.  I get so excited when we talk about those subjects.  IMG_0862Thanks for coming, John!  Come back soon!  :)

Sam’s Deer, Roadkill Style

So, Sam finally got his deer!  He came across it on his way home from work (the Friday before) on our road, still warm and ready for pick up.  ;)  My brother, Darrell happened to be going by so they threw it in the back of his truck.  Finally, Monday evening, we got to the processing part.  This is Boppa’s old meat grinder that he used years ago.
IMG_0825 The girls helped me package and label our roasts, back strap and tenderloins.  IMG_0826 The guys made the burger and cut the steaks for us girls to wrap up.IMG_0828That was all the pictures I got, because once my hands got all bloody and meaty, there was no touching the camera!  This experience was a first for all of us.  It really wasn’t all that bad.  However, once we were finally finished, I was very glad to be done with it!  We put over 30 pounds of venison in our freezer that night!

Weston The Whittler, An Ultrasound, and Sledding with Grandpa

Weston whittled this entire stick with his favorite knife all by himself.  He worked very hard on this for two days.  I was so proud of him!IMG_0811 Monday afternoon, the girls and I got to go with Sam and Lindsey to her ultrasound!  So fun!!  It’s always thrilling to see a new life growing.  What a miracle!  Thanks for allowing us to join you!!IMG_0812 My Dad kept Ethan and Weston while the girls and I went with them.  They went on a hike in the woods, had a campfire, checked on the beaver dam, and I don’t know what else, but they kept busy for sure!  Thanks, Dad!IMG_0814 This was the same little hill I would sled on as a little girl.  It’s fun to see Dad pushing my kids down this hill now.  :)IMG_0817 Of course, anytime there is 30 seconds of downtime, Lyvie has to start up an UNO game!  Haha!  Sam and Lindsey stayed and had supper with us before they left for their Bible Study.  We missed Sam being there though, he had to work late.IMG_0818It was a very fun, full Monday with more to come.  This same night we butchered our road kill deer.  But I decided to save that for a separate post.  So, that will be next…..

Sunday Lunch at Mimi’s

Sunday, March 2nd, we all gathered for lunch over at Mimi’s after church.IMG_0800 Emma and WestonIMG_0802 MackenzieIMG_0803 Tiffany, Austin and MackenzieIMG_0804Gathering at Mimi’s is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s not the same without Boppa, but still special, nonetheless to be together as a family.

Meet Little Miss Lou!

Little Miss Lou was born late Tuesday night to our Lily.  She is precious.  IMG_1363The kids named her after their Aunt Lindsey because when she came out we couldn’t believe how long her legs were.  For those who have known Lindsey since she was little, know that we have always called her Lindsey Long Legs because of her long legs!  We also call her Lindsey Lou Lou, or Lou Lou for short.  So, the kids wanted to name the baby Lou after our Lindsey Lou Lou.  :)
0402040953It’s been a long week.  Lily is not nursing her on her own, so every three hours, we have to get Lily onto the milking stand to nurse Lou.  We are really hoping she gets the hang of mothering soon.  I will post more about the birth soon hopefully, but for now I need to go make soap and help our baby nurse!!

Sweet Sisters and My Boy is Growing up.

I didn’t even know these pictures were on here til I got caught up to this date.  Apparently while I was making soap on this Saturday (3/1), the girls were sitting down there with me snapping about 15 pictures similar to this.  They are too funny.  They are so different, yet, they are the best of friends and for the most part inseparable.IMG_0794 Then there is this guy.  Yes, guy.  He is really growing into a young man these days.  If you take a close look at this picture you will know what I mean.  Man.  They are just all growing up on me.  What is going on?  I mean, seriously, can’t I make them stop or at least slow down??  I feel like we are moving at the speed of light.  But actually, in all honesty, I am really loving these days.  The kids are a joy to be around.  And in many ways, life is simpler.  And I really like that.  IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797Sweet Sisters!

Look Who’s Four-Wheelin’ Now!

Yup, my baby’s riding the four wheeler now!  This was Saturday March 1st, but he actually drove it a few times before this.  He does great.  Of course, the first time he drove it, he ran into a tree, but no one was injured, thankfully.  IMG_0765

  (Don’t mind the blood on the driveway, it’s just from the deer, honest.)

He looks so little!!
IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0773 IMG_0780

“I’m a Cheese Boy!”

Ok, first let me just mention that the night before these pictures, was Friday night, Feb 28th.  Sam found a deer that had just been hit on the side of the road.  What I thought was going to be a nice quiet, relaxing night of leftovers and a movie with the kids turned into a very long, cold night of butchering a deer.  I got pictures, but I didn’t know if I should post them.  It basically just shows the deer hanging from our tractor.  I ran to Uncle Steve’s to get Boppa’s old meat grinder, while Sam and Ethan worked on the deer.  We ended up not actually processing the deer til the next week, but he had to get the meat off the deer that night or it would have froze solid hanging there.  It was bitter cold that night.  So, anyway, that was a big thing for us and something I want to remember, but I will have to ask Sam about posting his deer.  ;)

On to Saturday morning, March 1st!  Sam wanted scrambled eggs and Weston wanted to help make them.   So, I let him sprinkle the cheese~~a very important job!IMG_0761 IMG_0762 And while he was sprinkling…..he looked at me and said, “I’m a cheese boy!”IMG_0763Yes, you are, Weston!  Yes, you are.