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Christmas Eve 2014!

Christmas Eve was spent at home busy getting the last minute things ready for Christmas.  I was getting Christmas dinner prepped, etc.  The kids mostly just relaxed and wrapped a few last minute things.  And helped Daddy wrap my stocking stuffers when he got home from work.

Here they are with their Christmas Eve gift.  They got some of our favorite books that I even had to time to sit and read to them on Christmas Eve!  I was so thankful for that time to just sit and read to them.IMG_7477 Dad stopped by to see our tree.  We are a fraser fir family, so for us to branch out (haha, get it, “branch out”??) and get a white pine was a big deal!IMG_7478 As you can see from the wet coat and some wet hair, Christmas Eve was rainy!IMG_7479 Mom or Brooke discovered that our pizza place was doing 50% off everything you ordered, so we decided to order some pizza for our Christmas Eve dinner and keep it simple.  That was such a big help to me!  Made for a more relaxing evening for sure.IMG_7480 I get my love for wrapping gifts from my Mom and Mimi H.  I think it makes such a difference when the gifts are wrapped nicely.  When I get them all laid out and organized, I like to just sit and admire them.  I can appreciate the work that goes into it.  That might sound crazy, but that’s ok.IMG_7481 IMG_7484 IMG_7485IMG_7488IMG_7490IMG_7493IMG_7499By 9:30 pm, I had all the gifts neatly placed under the tree and stockings were stuffed.  If you know me well, you know that is huge.  It is usually 1 or 2 in the morning before I get everything done.  This was a welcome change.  I’m learning where to simplify things and that is really helping.IMG_7507Christmas Eve is an exciting time around this place!

Family Time!

Tuesday, December 23rd, I lit my candle in honor of Nanna’s birthday.IMG_7417 And I made salsa!IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7427 Then in the evening, we went over to Mom and Dad’s for dinner.IMG_7431 IMG_7433 IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7439 The train was really zooming!IMG_7442 IMG_7445 IMG_7446 IMG_7448 IMG_7449 IMG_7453 We skyped with Wes and family!IMG_7456 We all enjoyed baby time.  IMG_7457 As you can see…….IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7461 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 The son-in-laws!IMG_7465 The kiddos!IMG_7469 The daughters!IMG_7470 IMG_7473IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7476It was such a fun and relaxing night!

Happy 11th Birthday, Gracie Girl!

Today we celebrated Gracie’s 11th birthday!!

Gracie wanted a tie dye party!  And a tie dye party she had!IMG_0064 IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 He is not trying to give a peace sign.  He is telling me he has three tie dye shirts now.  :)  On Friday, the kids and I tie dyed shirts to wear for the party!  They all did their own shirts and they came out great!  That’s another blog post for another time!IMG_0075 Appetizers!  Twice baked potatoes, chips and dip and veggies and dip.  Please note the veggies are in red, orange, yellow, green order.  :)  I couldn’t readily find blue or purple vegetables.IMG_0076 IMG_0077 Party favors and sidewalk chalk for the kids to play with.IMG_0079 Ava, Dunk and QuinnIMG_0080 We had chili, two kinds of cornbread, and salad.  The twice baked potatoes were sort of a part of the meal, but I served them as an appetizer.IMG_0081 Enjoying the beautiful weather and lunch on the back porch.IMG_0082 We were discussing here where to open the presents and Uncle Sam was telling Gracie something Grandpa had taught in church last night about how “it is better to give, than to receive”.  In other words, she should share her presents.  He was just teasing, of course.IMG_0085 Playing with the goatsIMG_0087Ethan and Grandie playing hillbilly horseshoes! Ethan won!IMG_0088Present time!IMG_0091These two were soaking up the sun!IMG_0092LOVE this shirt! (from Grandie and Grandpa!)  She is my only brown-eyed girl!IMG_0095Gracie asked for a bird book for her birthday, so I took that and ran with it.  We got her a nice bird book, a pair of binoculars, a bird feeder, a bird call, and a bird house that we can suction to her window and, Lord-willing, watch a bird make a nest!  I am so excited about this!IMG_0101Cake time!

 I will do another post on the making of this cake.  This was a true labor of love. And I was so happy to do it.  But, man, for the non-cake maker, this one just about put me over the edge!  BUT, I did it and truly did enjoy doing it for my Gracie Girl!IMG_0102IMG_0103Fruit Pizza.IMG_0104Sweet Birthday Girl!IMG_0105Tie Dye Family!  I even had a tie dye skirt on that you can’t see!  The kids and I had lots of fun making the shirts (the skirt I already owned) and that will also be a separate blog post, oh sometime next October probably.  Haha.IMG_0107It was a little windy so Dad and Dunk were trying to block the wind while Sam lit the candles.IMG_0109IMG_0113IMG_0114IMG_0115IMG_0116IMG_0117I was really happy with the way the cake turned out.IMG_0120IMG_0121IMG_0122Uncle Sam and Henry.  Look at all his hair!IMG_0129So sweet…..IMG_0131Love these girls!IMG_0132Henry meeting Ava.  :)IMG_0133Sweet Ava GayleIMG_0136Mimi and Brandt were chatting it up in the background!  Later on after Brandt left, Mimi said, “It was so nice to talk with Brandt.  We never get a chance to talk.”  :)IMG_0137AwwwwIMG_0140Getting my baby fix!IMG_0146I just love this picture.  Henry is hanging over Judy’s shoulder. So cute!!IMG_0147Birthday girl!IMG_0148Another cake picture.  Just because.IMG_0149The party favors!IMG_0155IMG_0156Quinn enjoying his lollipopIMG_0162Me and my tie-dyed, brown-eyed girl!!!!IMG_0167I would only wear tie dye on top of tie dye for my daughter’s tie dye birthday party!IMG_0168Happy Birthday, Grace Elizabeth!

You are growing into such a nice young lady!  We are proud of you and all that you do to serve here at home and to serve at church.  We are thankful that you are a part of our family.  You add so much joy to our lives!  We had a wonderful day celebrating YOU!!!!

We love you very much!!

Babysitting A and B!!

Monday evening, December 22, 2014, we babysat Ava and Bailey so Sam and Lindsey and Brooke and Brian could go out for dinner.  Ummm, actually let me re-phrase that a little…….Sam and Lindsey and Brooke and Brian went out to eat so that Aunt Jen and Uncle Sam (and their children) could watch their two nieces (cousins) at the same time!!  This is how the little angel Ava arrived!  Haha!  That was Grace’s hat when she was a baby.IMG_7351 SO, basically this post is just Ava and Bailey overload!  Enjoy!!IMG_7353 IMG_7354 Can you tell yet who is the relaxed, “just chilling out” baby and which one is the busy body (hint: legs straight up in the air)?!  IMG_7355 IMG_7356 Look at those sweet faces!!  I can’t believe my two baby sisters each have a beautiful baby girl!  We are so blessed.IMG_7357 IMG_7358 Everyone got their turn holding them.  Yes, I did share.  Reluctantly. 😉IMG_7363 IMG_7364 IMG_7366 IMG_7370 IMG_7371 IMG_7372 IMG_7373 I was in my glory holding both at the same time!IMG_7375 Ava just needed her paci!IMG_7378 IMG_7380 I was sniffing in all the baby goodness I could get!  IMG_7382 Poor Bailey!  Uncle Sam loves to tease!IMG_7383 IMG_7385 Reading them a story…….IMG_7388 I love how in the above picture Bailey is looking at the book and then in the one below she is watching Uncle Sam.IMG_7389 Ethan is so good with them….IMG_7390I know this one is blurry but I loved it anyway.  Grace had just put Ava to sleep.  And Lyvie was doing a good job keeping Bailey happy.IMG_7400IMG_7401When the two couples got back, we had dessert and coffee together.  It was super duper fun!  I made cheesecake with raspberry or cherry topping and a Sea Salt Flourless Chocolate Cake.IMG_7402We just hung out and had fun visiting.  And played with the babies.IMG_7403I love Bailey smiling up at Aunt Lindsey.  And Brian working on the puzzle.
IMG_7405IMG_7406These two were chattin’ it up!IMG_7407Can you tell which baby is which??IMG_7408IMG_7409IMG_7410They were squinting their eyes when they brought them close together.  IMG_7412That was such a fun night!  Thanks, Lou and Boo, for letting us babysit your sweet baby girls!!!!

Throwback Thursday!

Eight years ago today!

April 23, 2007

Ethan still rides this skateboard!  Except he stands up now.  😉  And I think that is the only time he ever wore a hat backwards.IMG_2616 Best friends right from the start!  Love their faces in these pictures.IMG_2619 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2626 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 I love how both girls are looking at their big brother here.IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2636 IMG_2639Sweet memories of the simple days just playing outside and getting dirty.

Throwback Thursday

This picture was taken 8 years ago today on April 16, 2007!

 I had sent the three kiddos up to start getting ready for bed and when I came upstairs this is what I found.  They had gotten into the chalk on the easel and in this picture they knew they were in big trouble.  Ethan was standing next to them saying, “I didn’t do anything!”IMG_2613And this is when I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer and they felt it was safe to smile and giggle about it also!IMG_2614Oh, the memories!

Taco Dinner (#2) at Mimi’s!

On Sunday, December 21st, after church we all headed over to Mimi’s for a taco dinner (lunch).  We had one earlier when David was in town, but we just had to have another one when Brian, Brooke and Bailey came to town!  😉

We had to get some pics in front of Mimi’s tree…….IMG_7305 IMG_7306 Silly pic…..IMG_7307 IMG_7308 IMG_7310 IMG_7312 IMG_7313 Our kids and Darrell and Shelly’s kids….IMG_7317 Emma :)IMG_7320 Ava the Elf!IMG_7321 Grandpa reading to the kids…..IMG_7323 Mimi with about half of the great-grandkids.  Here are twelve of them.  But there are thirteen more at least, and soon to be fourteen more!  Forgive me if I miscounted.  IMG_7326 Love these girls!!!!IMG_7329 Granddaughters and Great-granddaughters!IMG_7337 IMG_7339 Bailey fell asleep in my arms!  That was the best!IMG_7340 We enjoyed the fire……IMG_7346 IMG_7349We had a great afternoon at Mimi’s!  Always so fun to be together.