This and That

Saturday, August 16th, we had a baby shower for Katrina (Lyvie’s camp counselor).  And I got some Ava snuggles.IMG_5107 Katrina and Ava.IMG_5108 Here are some of my back porch flowers…….you can see the grapevine in the lower right of this picture.  Seriously, it was taking over our porch!IMG_5109 My morning glories did not start blooming til September, I think!  But the greens were still pretty.IMG_5111 Our garden produce.  I love the one teensy tiny tomato.  We actually ended up getting hundreds of those probably well into October.  I can’t remember for sure.IMG_5113

Our Grape Harvest

Our grapevines actually produced some grapes this year!  It wasn’t a ton and what we did get, the goats mostly took care of.  But we got to try a few.  We really need to move our grapevines, but we need to build an arbor first.  They took over part of our back porch this last summer.  That project is on our to do list.  And I would love to have a great grape harvest some year!IMG_5104 IMG_5105


For some reason, this last summer, Weston kept asking if he could find some crickets and eat them.  I am not sure where he got this from, but Sam said yes and I had nothing to do with the catching, cooking or eating of these crickets. Sam sauteed them for him……IMG_5099 And here he is eating his first cricket.  He was a bit timid about it at first, but he did it!  He ate both of them.IMG_5101Then, in September we were over Brandt and Judy’s for Will’s birthday.  We were all sitting outside and Weston found a cricket and just popped it in his mouth and ate it.  Judy’s grandmother’s friend, Art just about fell out of his chair.  He couldn’t believe what Weston had just done.  It was pretty funny.

Log Splitting and Zucchini Boats

When Sam has a log this big to split, he calls in the big dogs.IMG_5082 Who are the big dogs, you ask?  That would be my brother, Darrell with his hydraulic gas powered splitter.  Thankfully, he lives next door, so he just pulled it down the road with his John Deere lawn mower.  ;)IMG_5083 I am certain they just loved that I was standing out there capturing every step of this process.  In all honesty, I was very curious about how it was all going to go down and I thought, well, while I am standing here, I might as well make myself useful and take some pictures.  You know, because I multi-task well like that and I hate to waste time.

So, here they are hard at work!IMG_5085 IMG_5088 IMG_5089 IMG_5090 IMG_5092 IMG_5093 Impressive, eh?  I was impressed.IMG_5094 Lvyie is strong like an ox.  Just like her Daddy.IMG_5095 We had lots of ginormous (not familiar with this word?? Then you have probably never seen the movie ELF)  squash and zucchini from our garden, so I decided to make taco filled zucchini boats with our ground venison.  Dee-lish!IMG_5096 IMG_5097

Summer Fun!

Sunday afternoon, August 10th, after church, we took our little boat out.  We headed over to one of our new favorite spots!IMG_5026 Weston’s driving!IMG_5027 The clouds were so pretty all day long.IMG_5029 Here is a picture of the house we lived in while we were building our house.  If you see can see the beach to the right of the photo, look to the left of the beach and there is a big house, then to the left of that house is a house partially hidden by a pine tree and that is the house we lived in.  We lived on the second floor with a second floor deck.  It was a beautiful spot with water views out of three sides of the house.IMG_5032 We were getting all wet from the water spraying up.IMG_5033 The PointIMG_5034 We made it to our destination!IMG_5036 Sam and the kids went digging for quahogs.IMG_5039 Can you spot Weston?IMG_5042 Digging for quahogs is really a messy job.  But they loved it!IMG_5043 Mom, “Watch this!”……IMG_5046 IMG_5049 Here is a couple other things they found in the sand besides the quahogs….IMG_5054 IMG_5055 Gracie cut her finger on one of the sharp quahog shells and we didn’t have any bandages so we made a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding with a napkin from lunch and a piece of seaweed.  ;)IMG_5056Weston was warming himself up on the warm sand.
IMG_5057 Heading back…..more pretty clouds.IMG_5064 IMG_5070 When we got home we prepared our quahogs and had them in a wine, butter and garlic sauce.IMG_5078 It was our first time ever having them.  And we all liked them for the most part.IMG_5079It was such a fun family day!  And it ended with us enjoying the fruits of our labor!  Or should I say Sam and the kids labor, because I didn’t dig up one quahog!  I had to keep my hands clean to take the pictures.  :)

Ava Snuggles!

The Lone Ranger came to visit!IMG_4950 On Thursday, August 7th we went to have lunch and hang out with Lindsey and Ava!  It was Sam’s (Lindsey’s Sam) first day back to work, so we thought we would keep her company for a bit.IMG_4952 The kids having lunch out on the deck.IMG_4954 Everyone got a turn holding Ava!IMG_4955 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 And just in case you can’t tell, I was in my glory!!IMG_4964 There is nothing like a newborn baby.  The preciousness is just overwhelming.IMG_4966 IMG_4970 IMG_4972 Lindsey had this basket of produce that was just begging me to take it’s picture.IMG_5013 And here is proof that I did share her with my Mom.  ;)IMG_5018

Our boat and garden produce

Sunday (August 3rd, yes, I am so far behind!) after church, Sam took us down to the little marina where we keep our boat.  While we were all away at camp, he took it down there and got it in the water.IMG_4935 IMG_4939 That night we had a salad made with everything from our garden, except the olives, of course.  :)IMG_4940

Ava Gayle is here!

Sweet Ava Gayle made her arrival in the early morning hours the day after camp ended.  It was such an honor to be there for her birth and we just love her!  I think I already posted pictures of everyone holding her….so here are just a few from that day to keep things in order on the blog.  :)IMG_4886 IMG_4887Later in the day on Saturday, after I had gotten a few hours of sleep, we headed back up to the hospital for everyone to see her!
IMG_4902 Sweet family!IMG_4934