Friday, May 1st, in preparation for Gracie’s tie dye birthday party, we made ourselves tie dye shirts!IMG_9991 Let the tie-dye-ing begin!IMG_9992 We had lots of fun doing it!IMG_9993 That evening, we found Weston sound asleep in the laundry basket at the top of the stairs!IMG_9995 Apparently, tie-dye-ing is very tiring!IMG_9996

Daddy-Daughter Date

Thursday, April 30th, Sam took the girls on a horseback riding date!  They had learned all their multiplication tables up through 12 and so this was their reward.IMG_9976 First, they went out to breakfast.IMG_0973They had so much fun!IMG_1001IMG950988It’s been so long now I can’t remember who picked this little bouquet for me, but I still love it.IMG_9980 Ethan built himself a fort in the woods and slept in it one night!  I was so nervous for him!  But he did fine.  He slept on a bed of pine branches.IMG_9986 We have a few of these split rocks on our property so he built his fort in this one.  Off to the right of it, he had his fire pit and got up real early and had a fire.IMG_9987

Fun with Ava!

At the end of April, my sister Lindsey had her wisdom teeth out, so I went over in the evening to play with Ava til bedtime, then put her to bed.  It was so fun!  Ava is full of life!  And has such a great personality.IMG_9949 Lyvie gave her these sunglasses…..and she was a riot with them.IMG_9950 After she put them on, they soon fell to just above her lip.  And that is where they stayed for about twenty minutes!  She loves playing with my phone.IMG_9956 Yes.  That is my real phone that I still use.  Don’t judge.  😉IMG_9957 She kept flipping it around and kind of tossing it and then she would pick it back up and do the same thing.  And she got such a kick out of herself every single time.IMG_9959 IMG_9961 IMG_9966 Bottle time!IMG_9971Snuggles with her Mama before bed.IMG_9973 IMG_9974 Look at that face!!!!!   She is so sweet!IMG_9975

Homeschool Convention

This year Sam and I decided to just go to the homeschool convention for the day rather than going for the whole weekend.  It was perfect.  This was our view of Worcester during our lunch break.IMG_9931 I took these pictures for our kids so they could see a little bit of what the convention looks like.  This is the vendor hall.IMG_9933 The Lamplighter Collection.  We have a couple of these books.  I love the way they look.  Some of them are difficult reads.  Sam reads them aloud to the kids.  We also purchased a couple of their books on cd for our long road trip this summer.  They were really good!IMG_9934 IMG_9935 That night on our way home, Sam took me out for a belated birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  They had this phone booth ( I think that’s what it is??) on their outdoor patio.  It was such a random thing.IMG_9936 A sign that Spring really was coming!IMG_9939 A view from the drawbridge looking down toward the seaport.  It was a beautiful evening.IMG_9943 Here are the kids the next morning with all of their new books and homeschool convention finds!  We even got the girls new skirts with a “fox” print.  That is what they are wearing in the picture.IMG_9947 IMG_9948

Hatchet Boy

But first!  Here is Weston all decked out in his NAVY apparel from Uncle Brian and Aunt Brooke!  Uncle Brian picked out his shirt for his birthday this year.  And they gave him the shorts last year.  He loves wearing them!IMG_9923 Weston loves to keep busy.  He is not one to sit idle.  He prefers to be playing or rather “working” outside.  One day he took this log and “worked on it” for quite a while.IMG_9925 Here he is showing me all that he did.IMG_9926 Love this cute boy!IMG_9927

The Stubborn One

Tuesday evening, April 21st, Sam was working on taking some trees down.  This tree was the stubborn one.  He was working on it, when Brandt stopped by.IMG_9907 The kids were having fun on the four wheeler while they waited for Sam to get the tree down.  They were helping carry the branches to the brush pile.IMG_9911 IMG_9913 He got it down!  Phew!  I did not like watching that.IMG_9914 IMG_9916 Me on my favorite split rock.IMG_9917Also, this day, April 21st, was my Mom’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Mom!  :)

Hay Day!

Sunday, April 19th, after church, we headed out to get a load of hay.

This is Weston’s selfie.  :)IMG_9855 IMG_9856 IMG_9863 The goats were curious when we got back!IMG_9867Sam and Ethan gave the goats a bale to munch on while they unloaded.IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 This is what you call a “hay bale back up”.IMG_9876 Sam took the leaf blower to the van after they unloaded all the hay.IMG_9886 My heather survived the winter!IMG_9887 Weston on his big boy bike!IMG_9889This is Weston after taking a digger on his big boy bike!IMG_9892 My daffy’s.IMG_9896 The girls with Goldilocks.  :)IMG_9899 Sam loves the mini bike!  And so do the kids!IMG_9902 IMG_9905

Our Saturday

Saturday, April 18th, I wrapped more soap!IMG_9832 IMG_9834 IMG_9837 The kids rode the four wheeler!IMG_9838 IMG_9839 IMG_9840 And that evening, we took a picnic dinner down to the drawbridge.IMG_9841 IMG_9842 Sweet!IMG_9845 IMG_9847 IMG_9849 IMG_9851 And we got ice cream!IMG_9852 We were walking by a restaurant when we looked up and on that big rock was a raccoon. See his eyes?IMG_9853We had a nice day and evening together.

The Bird

Thursday, April 16th,  we could hear something caught in our gutter.  The part that is enclosed and vertical.  Not sure what that part is called.  We were pretty sure it was a bird, by the sound it was making.  So, Ethan thought if he turned on the leaf blower, it would blow it back out the top and get it unstuck.IMG_9811 The other three stood in the yard to watch for it.IMG_9812 Sure enough, it came flying out the top.  But it was injured.IMG_9813 IMG_9814 We did our best to save it, but sadly it didn’t make it.IMG_9815Later on that day, I noticed the goats segregated by family.  Katie and her daughter, Maia to the left.  Poor little Lou in the middle.  And June and her daughter, Sylvie to the right.  They just make me laugh sometimes.  They really know who belongs to who.
IMG_9820 Our first outside dinner of the year!  Burgers with roasted sweet potatoes!IMG_9821 That night I wrapped soap.  I was getting ready to make my spring delivery to the farm stand.  :)IMG_9822