Camp~~Day 4

We have made it to Thursday!  Morning calisthenics!  IMG_4566 Bethany’s tribe!  The Tribe of Asher.IMG_4567 My cute little side kick.IMG_4569 Archery.  Weston loved archery.  And Skip was so kind to include him and help him.  If anyone is wondering what that big ugly pile is in the background~it’s a mini golf course.  Waiting to be set up.IMG_4576 Here is Weston getting his prize for doing so well in archery.  :)IMG_4583 Weston and Tiff making a “river”IMG_4594 Look at these cute girls!  Gracie, Autumn, and AbbyIMG_4603 Weston and ????  Can anyone guess who is holding Weston captive?IMG_4607 Finally caught up with the girls at the pool…..IMG_4616 IMG_4621 Portia and LyvieIMG_4627 Weston was collecting the bracelets.IMG_4653_2 Cousins fishing!IMG_4658 Grandpa and Weston kayaking…..IMG_4671 Mom and Dad.

Notice Mom is holding her phone close.  ;)  We were still waiting for the big call!!IMG_4692 Lyvie and EmilyIMG_4694 Rowena skits.  Uncle Ralphie is driving down the aisle.  IMG_4697 Tiff made a great Granny.IMG_4698 And Ruth makes a great Rowena.IMG_4699 Brooke, I threw this in for you…..Amanda included my chicken bag you made for me in the last skit.  :)  This is Granny trying to get up those stairs with her walker.IMG_4700 This is the Larry Chappell clan that was at camp this year.IMG_4719 And me and my kiddos.IMG_4721 The kids skits…….IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4769 IMG_4773 Daniel and EthanIMG_4754 Here is the middle school/high school campfire down at the lake on the last night.IMG_4789 Before they sing, they all say their memory verses.  And by the end of the week, each camper and counselor has 4-5 verses each!  It takes quite a while!IMG_4796 IMG_4800

Camp~~Day 3

Ok.  We are getting there… we are on Wednesday.

 Mental note to myself:  This entire week, my Mom and I were on the edge of our seats waiting to receive the call that Lindsey was in labor.  Mom had planned to be at the hospital for the birth and Lindsey asked me to be in the room with her.  She was due two days before camp started, so my cell phone was glued to my body and with every activity or meal, I thought, am I going to make it to the next??

Back to the pictures… is Juan teaching the elementary kids.IMG_4407 Portia and LyviaIMG_4418_2 Juan, Tiff, Austin and MackenzieIMG_4419 Here is one of the morning field activities.  We didn’t have a jump rope so they were just using a rope.  The kids were fun to watch, but the counselors??  Now, that was fun!  Haha!  Here is Mitch….IMG_4430 And Bethany…..IMG_4429 They gave up on the jump rope and moved on to the parachute.IMG_4432 IMG_4433 Floor hockey for the big kids down at the gym…..(that’s Ethan with the greenish-gray shirt and black shorts)IMG_4446 Sitting with big brother at lunchIMG_4474 Big boys relaxing after lunchIMG_4476 The girls enjoyed the lake in the afternoon……until we saw the water snake go by.  Eeeek!IMG_4488 Bumper boat time!  Just kidding, they did pretty good steering clear of each other.IMG_4489 IMG_4492 And then it was just Weston and I…….IMG_4501 When we got too lonely at the lake, we moved up to the pool.  :)IMG_4506 Aaaand, back to the lake we went…..Grandpa took the boys fishing.IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4528 The lake was so pretty and it was fun to watch all the kids out there fishing or just floating around.IMG_4530 The evening game of capture the flag.  You can’t really see him well, but Weston loved getting in on every game he could!IMG_4563

Camp~~Day 2

So, here we are Tuesday, July 29th.  The elementary kids begin each morning with calisthenics with Juan. IMG_4229 Weston couldn’t wait to get on his bike each morning!IMG_4232 IMG_4235 IMG_4237 Heading down to archery…….IMG_4250 If you hit a target, you got to wear this raccoon tail hat.  :)IMG_4252_2 IMG_4263 Skip was so sweet to take the time with Weston too.IMG_4265 Looking down the hill at the big field in the background, the gym and the pool.IMG_4267 Looks like somebody’s going fishing!IMG_4273 Lyvie hit a target too!IMG_4275 This is where the high school and middle school have their campfire each night.  Ethan and Ricky are down there doing something.IMG_4278 Volleyball!IMG_4311 I have a ton more pictures but as it is we are on picture overload here for camp.  When I put together an album for camp or a photo book, I will include lots more!  And when that will happen, I have no idea!IMG_4303 Alice and Mom came to watch.IMG_4314 Nelson came up to get a big group picture.  This is everyone except me.  :) IMG_4321 Here is the elementary group.IMG_4322Here is the middle school and high school group.  And somehow Weston found his way in there!  I just noticed that!  Haha!IMG_4324 Ethan prayed before lunch that day.  He looks so serious.IMG_4326 And then after lunch he comes up to me like this:IMG_4327 Weston could not wait to get his shark blown up.  Once again, Skip to the rescue!  He blew it up for Weston and off he went!  Except that it was very tippy.  He took him a while to get the hang of it.IMG_4330 Ethan is saying, “I used to fit in this tube!!”IMG_4331 “Oh, there we go!”IMG_4332 :)IMG_4333 Giving his little brother a hand on his wild shark!IMG_4334 Afternoon fishing!IMG_4341 This is usually how my Dad spent his entire time at the lake……….rigging or fixing someone’s pole.IMG_4346 IMG_4349 Ethan and Joe coming back from fishing.  Joe caught a nice one, but we have to throw them back in so we didn’t get to see it.IMG_4350 Tuesday night’s skit included Rowena “calling 911″ to get away from the ranch but they thought they were coming for Granny (Granny!!  That’s what it was.  Sorry, Tiff)  Juan and Leo are wearing my old EMT jackets.IMG_4360 Singtime!IMG_4367 Juan was really getting into it!IMG_4370 Quiz time!IMG_4373 IMG_4378 IMG_4382 Here are the girls saying their memory verses……They had a new one to memorize for each night.IMG_4385 IMG_4388 Snack shack!  Mimi was behind the counter taking orders.  She cracked me up.IMG_4390I got a chocolate milkshake!  SOOOO good!  Weston got something else, but wanted mine.  I shared.  A little.IMG_4398 Evening activities….IMG_4400 Weston always looked forward to getting snuggly and having some of the goodies I had brought for him.IMG_4401 IMG_4402 Same book.  Different night.  IMG_4403

Camp~~Day 1

Monday morning, July 28th, was the first full day of camp.  Weston was eager to get up early and he loved peeking out the window of our room.IMG_3997 Breakfast!IMG_3998 Morning field activities.IMG_4000 IMG_4004 IMG_4006 IMG_4011 Dad teaching the middle school and high school kids.IMG_4012 Uncle Mark and MackenzieIMG_4013 Katrina, Tiff, Weston and KerryIMG_4014 Tristan and Weston at craftsIMG_4015 Weston and HudsonIMG_4017 ArcheryIMG_4021 IMG_4033 IMG_4040 Indoor kickball.  Go E-man!IMG_4043 IMG_4044 Go Mom!IMG_4047 Daddy-OIMG_4071 AustinIMG_4077 Waiting on lunchIMG_4079 Mimi and WestonIMG_4080 IMG_4084 IMG_4086 IMG_4088 IMG_4090 Afternoon pool timeIMG_4099 Who can make the biggest splash….IMG_4100 IMG_4107 IMG_4113 IMG_4115 Races the length of the pool…….IMG_4120 Handsome boys!IMG_4124 Weston’s turn!IMG_4127Afternoon lake time!
IMG_4135 IMG_4139 IMG_4148 Ethan in the canoe…..IMG_4149 IMG_4155 Bumper boatsIMG_4158Grandpa teaching the boys how to steer the pedal boat.
IMG_4162 Weston was chasing that squirrel hiding behind the garbage container there.IMG_4164 Grace’s tribe at lunchIMG_4172 Evening sing timeIMG_4180 Rowena skits with Rowena, Uncle Ralphie, Rhody, and Grandma (I think??)  Tiff, were you Grandma? or another name?  Oh, I’m sorry did I just give your identity away??  Haha!  ;)IMG_4182 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4192 Evening rainbowIMG_4194 It was a full rainbow but I couldn’t capture it in one shot.IMG_4198 Evening campfire.  The counselors had to roast the marshmallows for the campers.IMG_4204 IMG_4205 Evening capture the flag game.IMG_4213 The girls on their bunks.IMG_4223 IMG_4225 And, yup.  It was a full day!  We wore this little guy right out!IMG_4227

Off To Camp! Summer 2014

On Sunday, July 27th, the kids and I headed off to camp.  The three older ones were campers, I was one of the nurses and Weston was my sidekick.  Even though we started out with rainy weather, we had a great week!  Here are the girls and I after church that day all in pink and white.IMG_3970 As soon as we could pull out from church, we did and headed straight up to camp.  Here are my fellow nurses checking people in.  I did the head (lice) checks this year along with Glee.IMG_3971 Weston and LeilaIMG_3974 The campers and their parents waiting to be checked in.IMG_3975 Glee checking Valerie and Portia!IMG_3976 Here is Ethan with the middle school/high school boys at dinner.  Sigh.  When did he grow up?IMG_3978 Weston and AustinIMG_3980 They are a mess.  ;)IMG_3981 You know who riding his bike.  It was great for him~~all the pavement and he even had a friend to ride with!  Mimi was the director’s daughter.  You will see her later on.IMG_3988 Snack Shack!IMG_3989 The middle school/high school girl leaders~~Mom, Heather and Alice.IMG_3990 We were waiting on the snack shack to open.  We had asked to come in because it was thunder and lightening something fierce and I didn’t like all those kids standing under all those pine trees!!  Here is Daniel and Vincent arm wrestling.  Daniel LOVES to arm wrestle! IMG_3991 Hugs for big brother!  ;)IMG_3992 He was very excited about his ice cream!IMG_3994Since it was still raining outside, Ricky had them play some games in the snack shack.  He knows how to get them going.
IMG_3995It was a fun first day!  Lots more to come!

Docking our Boat

This summer, about mid-summer (7/25), we decided to put our boat in the water.  We knew we would use it more if we did that.  I used to take care of a patient in the next town over who I just loved.  Her name was Grace.  :)  Anyway, this little marina belongs to her daughter and son-in-law.  So, we have known each other for years and Diane was just beside herself when she knew we wanted to put our boat in there.  We were welcomed with open arms to say the least.  :)IMG_3965 See the train going by in the distance?  Whenever we took the boat out this summer, we would pass under those train tracks.IMG_3969This particular day, the kids and I had gone down to give her a check and pick out our spot.  Then Sam was going to bring the boat down while we were away at camp.

Cut and Come Again Zinnias

Mimi H. loved “cut and come again zinnias”.  You plant them by seed in the spring and all summer long you have flowers!IMG_3950 We just loved them.  This was my first summer ever doing it.  We had a vase of them all the time.  And they reminded me of Mimi, which made them even more special.IMG_3956 We thought they were so pretty and there were several different colors.IMG_3959They were our “happy flowers” this summer.

A Visit from an Old Friend

On Wednesday, July 23rd, my friend Melissa stopped over with her two children, Sydney and Zachery.  We usually get to see each other once a year, if that.  I actually think this last time it had been two years.  Too long!  My kids took her kids out to see the goats, then we headed down to the rec.IMG_3940 IMG_3942 Ethan was working on swinging really high so he could jump off……IMG_3944 Look how high he was!!IMG_3945 Here’s the crew!  And I kick myself now for not getting a picture of Melissa and I.  Next time we must remember!!  Our time together is too short, but I am so thankful when we get together and catch up a bit.IMG_3947 That afternoon, Grandie came over to dish out some spending money for the kids for camp.  IMG_3949

Babysitting and Crabbing

On Sunday, July 20th after church, we babysat Hudson, Emma, Jackson and Quinn, so that Darrell could take Shelly out for the afternoon for her birthday.  We had a “picnic” in the living room for lunch.IMG_3875 Then everyone got a yogurt pop for dessert.IMG_3876 Quinn took a nap.IMG_3883 He is such a cutie.IMG_3884 It warmed my heart to see these cups lined up on the counter again.  It reminded me of having Asa and Josiah over here all the time.  There would always be six cups lined up on the counter.  And it was great because everyone knew whose was whose.IMG_3885 That evening after Darrell and Shelly picked up the kids, we headed out for some crabbing.  We have never done it before, so it was all a learning experience but so fun.  IMG_3886 It was such a beautiful evening and I went crazy with the camera so you may want to just keep scrolling down…..IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 The kids had bologna wrapped with cheese cloth.  I know there are other ways to crab, but this is how we did it this evening.  We needed something quick, easy and not too messy.IMG_3892 IMG_3893 We ended up catching several crabs.  Most were probably smaller than they should have been but we didn’t know that at the time.  Remember I said we were learning.  ;)IMG_3894 IMG_3897 See Weston’s crab on his bologna……IMG_3899 Bird over the water……IMG_3901 IMG_3903 As the sun was setting, it was shining so beautifully on this dock and the houses in the background.  It is so hard to capture in these small pictures.  But everywhere we turned it was pretty.IMG_3904 My blue eyes cutie patutie.IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3911 IMG_3912 IMG_3913 IMG_3915 IMG_3917 IMG_3918 IMG_3920 Look at this big crab that caught some bologna!IMG_3919 We took home our loot and had fresh crabmeat with melted butter on crackers for supper.IMG_3929 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3932 IMG_3934 Not sure which child took this picture, but the angle is funny.  And see me peeking over Sam’s arm?IMG_3935 Learning how to crack open a crab and get the meat out.  IMG_3937 We did not get much meat because the crabs were so small.  But it was still fun to learn how to do it and enjoy eating what we had just caught.  The kids loved it!!IMG_3938We made memories that evening for sure!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Pops

Will had given us some fruit that were seconds that he couldn’t sell, so on Saturday we made some frozen yogurt pops.IMG_3865 Lyvie helped me cut up all the fruit.  We made the pops then we also made a big fruit salad.IMG_3867 IMG_3868 They were very yummy and didn’t last very long around here.IMG_3869 This was a Saturday and Sam did some work on the terramite.IMG_3871 Oh, and some more baby birds hatched in one of our ferns!IMG_3873