Throwback Thursday

This picture was taken 8 years ago today on April 16, 2007!

 I had sent the three kiddos up to start getting ready for bed and when I came upstairs this is what I found.  They had gotten into the chalk on the easel and in this picture they knew they were in big trouble.  Ethan was standing next to them saying, “I didn’t do anything!”IMG_2613And this is when I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer and they felt it was safe to smile and giggle about it also!IMG_2614Oh, the memories!

Taco Dinner (#2) at Mimi’s!

On Sunday, December 21st, after church we all headed over to Mimi’s for a taco dinner (lunch).  We had one earlier when David was in town, but we just had to have another one when Brian, Brooke and Bailey came to town!  ;)

We had to get some pics in front of Mimi’s tree…….IMG_7305 IMG_7306 Silly pic…..IMG_7307 IMG_7308 IMG_7310 IMG_7312 IMG_7313 Our kids and Darrell and Shelly’s kids….IMG_7317 Emma :)IMG_7320 Ava the Elf!IMG_7321 Grandpa reading to the kids…..IMG_7323 Mimi with about half of the great-grandkids.  Here are twelve of them.  But there are thirteen more at least, and soon to be fourteen more!  Forgive me if I miscounted.  IMG_7326 Love these girls!!!!IMG_7329 Granddaughters and Great-granddaughters!IMG_7337 IMG_7339 Bailey fell asleep in my arms!  That was the best!IMG_7340 We enjoyed the fire……IMG_7346 IMG_7349We had a great afternoon at Mimi’s!  Always so fun to be together.

Christmas Baking!

Saturday, December 20th, we baked and baked and baked!

Thankfully, the night before I had mixed up all the dough for each type of cookie we were making so that made things go quicker and less messy.  We made sugar cookies, rum balls, jam thumbprints, and peanut butter kiss cookies.  I think that’s all.  I should have taken a picture of my cookie platter I took to church that night.  But I was probably rushing out the door!IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7254 Weston loved the food chopper!IMG_7255 He was way too excited about chopping nuts!  Haha!IMG_7256 He liked dipping the thumbprints in the egg whites.IMG_7257 Then it was time to unwrap lots of hershey kisses for the peanut butter kiss cookies.  I’m so glad I had all these helpers!  ;)IMG_7259 I think all this baking was getting to us…………..IMG_7260 Then it was time to decorate!IMG_7261 Grandie had stopped by on some “Christmas business”.IMG_7265 Brian, Brooke, and Bailey stopped by to say hello!  Uncle Sam got to say hi to Bailey.IMG_7268 Love those cheeks!IMG_7269 So fun to have family over!IMG_7270 Cuties!IMG_7271 IMG_7274 Not sure what this conversation was about, but I wish I knew!IMG_7275 Bailey was trying on some bonnets and hats.  Unfortunately, they were already too small for her. I am pretty sure the one she has on was mine as a baby.IMG_7279 I bought this hat for Grace when we were heading out to Mike and Abby’s wedding back when Grace was a baby.IMG_7283 Here’s our little Shepherd boy at our Christmas presentation at church that night.IMG_7288 It’s hard to see but that is Ethan and Weston up there with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.IMG_7292 Poor Uncle Brian!  He’s a good sport!IMG_7293It was a very full day of Christmas cookie baking, the church’s Christmas presentation and party!

Throwback Thursday

Well, I went to choose one picture of Weston and ended up picking 25.  So, here you go.  These pictures are from Summer 2010.

Wes and Penny joined us on a field trip a day or two after they arrived back in the States on furlough, June 2010.  Wes is showing Weston some kind of little creature from the water.IMG_9474 This was from our family reunion boat trip, June 2010.  Uncle Mark and Weston.IMG_9814 Me and Weston!IMG_9962 Weston and Aunt Brookie at the fair!IMG_0218 Mimi and Weston!  They loved each other so much!IMG_0425 This was our family camping trip up in New Hampshire.  Summer 2010.IMG_0427 Don’t touch my corn on the cob!!  IMG_0449 IMG_0453 Gracie, Me, Lindsey, and Weston.IMG_0479 IMG_0480“I’ll just have some dirt for lunch, Mom.”
IMG_0498 Mmmm, tastes pretty good.IMG_0499“You talking to me??”IMG_0500“Mom!  Seriously, how many pictures are you going to take of me?!”IMG_0501 IMG_0607 IMG_0611 IMG_0624 IMG_0834 I did not take these next few pictures, and I’m not sure who to give credit to.  I think maybe Joanna, who took our family pictures.IMG_6937 IMG_6957 IMG_6977 Weston and Emma.IMG_7147 Yaya, here is the bottom lip I was talking about.  Haha!  He got my bottom lip, I tell ya!IMG_7168 IMG_7182Ah, there it is again!  I saw that bottom lip on a 3D ultrasound before he was even born.  And I thought oh, it must be a girl with that big bottom lip or I was going to feel sorry for him if he was a boy.  But he wears it well, I think.  He’s sticking it out here of course, but still, cute!  :)IMG_7187

The Day We Sold Lily.

Sunday, December 14th, we sold our goat, Lily.  We were very sad to see her go, but thankfully, we sold her to very nice people and from what they tell us, she is very happy.  We are welcome to go visit her anytime we’d like.

IMG_7213 IMG_7215That same day, we took June to be bred.  But now we are pretty sure, both Lily and June were unsuccessfully bred.  Katie is our only hope now for babies and milk.  So, we are just praying she is pregnant.  Grace and Lyvie have said they have felt the baby kick, but I have yet to feel.  Time will tell.